Christian Heil's multidimensional gamble

L-ISA – Part – 2 An interview with Guillaume Le Nost

Present at the Pierre Mauroy stadium – and as sought after as Christian Heil – was Guillaume le Nost, the development manager of L-ISA, who answered our questions as well as he possibly could – not that he doesn’t know, but that he knows too much… far too much. The continuation of our triple report on the L/R-killer – episode 2 is here.

L-Acoustic’s colinear premiere

Mountain Christian Church become the world’s first house of worship to adopt Syva

When the team Mountain Christian Church found location in Abingdon to establish its fourth campus, one thing wasn’t quite so ideal—the facility’s low 13-foot ceilings. However, provider Mankin Media was able to recommend a very effective and elegant solution in the form of L-Acoustics’ brand new Syva colinear system.