Sommer Cable introduces the RG213-HF400 LL, serie SC-CLASSIC-MKII

Through thick and thin… and in fact through walls – nothing can prevent this high-performance RG coaxial cable from transmitting, not even over long distances. Whereas for short distances mostly flexible lines such as the compact RG58 Low Loss are used, long transmission distances require cables with an extremely low attenuation. To realize this extremely low attenuation, Sommer Cable doesn’t produce the RG213/HF400 LL on conventional extrusion lines.

“In this case we can’t fall back on our standard production lines as usual; we rather have to produce on extra machines which excel by a very low tolerance range and have a special supply unit“, says Pascal Miguet, Product Manager at SOMMER CABLE, adding:
“That way, we achieve a clean form build-up of the “skin/gas/skin“ foam-injected and interlinked wire insulation. Together with the smoothed solid wire of class 6N OFC copper we can guarantee ultra-low attenuation values on an ongoing and precise basis!“

Moreover, the non-aging jacket ensures an extreme durability, which is an important criterion particularly for permanent installations. Another advantage is the easy handling as well as the possibility to fit it with all standardized connectors. The major field of application for the RG213/HF400 LL will be, first of all, the telecommunications and antenna technology or else the wireless microphone transmission in the high-frequency range.

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Crédits - Text: SommerCable

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