Staggering processing power

The new Studer Vista X Console

In a major announcement, Studer presents a remarkable technological leap forward in professional audio: the new console Vista X and the Infinity Series Core, offering more than 800 channels of processing, 5000 inputs/outputs and full redundancy. The mad race is on for power and simplification in pro audio with the return to the good old PC processor, the CPU, whose raw power, timing, on-board cache memory and, especially, the number of cores keeps growing.

Preview Prolight + Sound 2014

Elation launch platinum séries and a LED Spot RGBW moving head

Elation is a leader in the use of energy-efficient Platinum lamp technology and will be showcasing three new luminaires in the Platinum range of professional moving heads including the Platinum Wash 16R Pro, a flexible feature-packed luminaire that has use as both a wash and beam; the Platinum Profile 35 Pro, a full-featured fixture with internal framing; and the Rayzor Beam 2R, a small and speedy fixture powerful enough to work alongside larger luminaires.