Using All Access Design’s interactive concept

The Avener has all the visuals at his fingertips

As deep house and electro music producer The Avener pursues his stellar career performing at ADM concert festivals, we thought it would be worthwhile to go back and have a look at his Flash Deep Tour, from late 2015, to focus on the interactive concept developed by All Access Design (AAD). The concept is that the artist can maintain manual control over part of the lighting rig – live and in real time.

Theatrical Piece

The Encounter, the binaural masterpiece designed by Gareth Fry and Pete Malkin

London 11:00 AM. I’m about to discover The Encounter and get a look behind the scenes at this unique opus in one of the most iconic theaters in the British capital, the Barbican. The press is unanimous: it is as disconcerting as it is captivating, and the 600 headphones that act as the sound system are the proof of that. We have an appointment with Gareth Fry and Peter Malkin, the two sound designers of this work, and with the ASD – Association of Sound Designers.

“Rester Vivant Tour” at the AccorHotels Arena

Johnny Hallyday on tour, with lighting by Dimitri Vassiliu: back to the roots of rock

Dimitri Vassiliu, lighting designer (LD) for French rock superstar Johnny Hallyday, invited us backstage at the AccorHotels Arena during the on-going “Rester Vivant” marathon tour to talk lighting, video, and rock & roll. This was a new experience for the talented LD, who had already worked on some of the biggest music tours in France. Now, to helm not only the lighting but also the scenic and video design for over a hundred concerts by France’s rock icon was an exciting new challenge.