LED beam projector with continuous rotation

The Ayrton MAGICDOT™-R is faster than its shadow

Despite its minimalist appearance, the Ayrton MAGICDOT™-R luminaire is a powerhouse of light and technology. Equipped with next-generation LED emitter, optics, and cooling system, this moving head projector is ready to break all records. Ayrton put 144 of them into its fabulous online video demo. Bruno Mars’ lighting designer, Cory FitzGerald, premiered 184 MAGICDOT™-R luminaires live for the performer’s festival-closing concert appearance at Rock in Rio – Las Vegas.

Moving head 1700 W discharge spot

Robe BMFL, a blank 'Czech' for the future of Robe?

It took three years of Robe’s R&D to develop BMFL and to meet all of its design requirements – a new 1700 W Osram short-arc lamp, a 5-55° zoom range, a new, optimized CMY color mixing system, an electronic stabilizer and only 36 kg on the scale – for an exceptional fixture. Since early January, the date of its release, 1500 projectors were sold worldwide and production for the next three months is already reserved. It has certainly hit the ground running!

Automated in-line LED luminaire

Ayrton MagicBlade-R... There’s magic in the “R”

Once again Ayrton is in the spotlight with a new product presented at Prolight+Sound 2014 and it’s already been a big hit. The MagicBlade-R, a moving-head luminaire with seven LED emitters arranged in-line, may look familiar but it has little in common with its older brother, the RollaPix. This member of the RADICAL product line, has a single row of seven 67-mm diameter 4.5º collimator optics coupled with 15W RGBW Ostar Stage LEDs, famous for producing long-range tight beams.

Led Profile Projectors

ETC Source Four Led, a family of four

With its new Led projectors made to replace the existing traditional lighting, ETC blows the hot and the cold on the light. The American manufacturer took all his time to develop those products, setting the specifications on very high standards to fulfill even the most difficult Lighting Designer requests with its family of four LED luminaires: Tungsten 3000K, Daylight 5600K, Studio HD with a range from 2700K to 5600K and with its five colors and the Lustr Series 2 with his matrix of 7 different LED colors.


Clay Paky Mythos, more than a million... lux, that is!

Clay Paky leads its competitors at a cracking pace. Six months after the Super Sharpy was presented at Prolight+Sound, topping the headlines from Plasa is Mythos, a compact spot with a power consumption of only 500 W and an incredible punch, like the Super Sharpy. Soundlightup was invited to a preview presentation of the Beta version by Clay Paky France before Plasa, and we had time to get out our Minolta lux meter and perform some flux measurements.

Intelligent power

Lab Gruppen IPD 2400

With the IPD “Intelligent Power Drive” series, Lab.gruppen has created a new concept for the amplification of medium-power sound reinforcement systems that incorporates a DSP platform and intelligent power management into an affordable 1U rack sized package, which is light and easy to set up. To do this, the Swedish manufacturer has changed its tune in amplification technology by opting for fully bridged class D instead of class TD (tracking class D) and is working on the optimal management of energy resources of the switch-mode power supply (without PFC) by distributing the available energy between the two channels as required.