LED beam projector with volumetric lighting effects

Ayrton MagicPanel™ 602

MagicPanel™602 was a smashing success at the ProLight & Sound 2013 trade show in Frankfurt as evidenced by the impressive number of orders taken: 1,200 sold worldwide since July 1, with over 500 in the US alone.


Lake LM 44

Lake technology is widely recognized and respected in the field of digital signal processing. The technological approach of this manufacturer has brought innovative elements to this field. We have precisely reviewed the LM44, one of the last Lake audio system processor with the LM26, regarding the use, ergonomics and measurements. Here is the results.

LED profile fixtures

Robert-Juliat Tibo 533

Robert Juliat has come up with an ultra-modular concept based on a compact projector, available as a profile or Fresnel, with fixed or variable color temperature. In a word: everything. Here is our test of the Tibo 533 LED profile, in three versions of white light output.

Moving-head spot luminaire with 1000 W HTI lamp

Martin Mac Viper Profile. The Return of the King

It is the new revolution of the season, a Martin moving head, a true spot with a blessed 1000 W discharge lamp, gobos, CMY color, zoom and functions like the good old days of this breed of projectors that we believed to be extinct. It has a rock star name and the stature of a workhorse; it is a deadly viper and a legion of 5000 units has already marched out of the factories. It’s all here and, more than anything else, it represents a resurrection.

Découpe à Led

Robert-Juliat Tibo 533

Robert Juliat invente un concept ultra-modulaire autour d’un projecteur compact, disponibles au format découpe ou Fresnel, en température de couleur fixe ou variable, aux carrosseries multicolores. Bref que du choix. Pour faire le point voici notre test de la découpe Led Tibo 533 en 3 versions de blanc.

Moving head LED Wash with interchangeable LEDs.

JB-Lighting A12: Deutsche Qualität

The latest addition to the JB-Lighting range, loaded with 61 15-watt RGBW LEDs, the A12 moving head wash is presented as a technological flagship capable of competing with 1200 W arc-source lights. Beyond the advertising claims, does this unassuming, 100% German mover really revolutionize a market locked into a race for power? When the Parisian rental company NAT didn’t hesitate to invest in a significant number of A12s – 500 units – we decided it was necessary to bring one to the test bench.

LED Strobe-light fixture

SGM X-5 : the StrobFather ?

LEDs have replaced most of the lamps in our fixtures for show lighting, although certainly in each case with more or less success. There is still one type of product in which no one had thought to install them: the strobe. Peter Johansen, who marks his return to the industry at the command of SGM, had this great idea and offers us his X-5, a strobe loaded with white LEDs. We put on our sunglasses and take a closer look at it.