Moving-head spot luminaire with 1000 W HTI lamp

Martin Mac Viper Profile. The Return of the King

It is the new revolution of the season, a Martin moving head, a true spot with a blessed 1000 W discharge lamp, gobos, CMY color, zoom and functions like the good old days of this breed of projectors that we believed to be extinct. It has a rock star name and the stature of a workhorse; it is a deadly viper and a legion of 5000 units has already marched out of the factories. It’s all here and, more than anything else, it represents a resurrection.

Moving head LED Wash with interchangeable LEDs.

JB-Lighting A12: Deutsche Qualität

The latest addition to the JB-Lighting range, loaded with 61 15-watt RGBW LEDs, the A12 moving head wash is presented as a technological flagship capable of competing with 1200 W arc-source lights. Beyond the advertising claims, does this unassuming, 100% German mover really revolutionize a market locked into a race for power? When the Parisian rental company NAT didn’t hesitate to invest in a significant number of A12s – 500 units – we decided it was necessary to bring one to the test bench.