2022 – The year of the Tiger and being patient

There are two different ways of being (a) patient.

– While being battered by the oncoming waves, be it the third, the fourth and now the fifth, we wait and be patient securing our vessel. Closing the port-holes and hatches, checking our life rafts, and doing everything needed to continue our journey once the storm has blown over.
– The other is in a packed hospital, because we thought we knew better than an expert from 24/7 news channel, used good ol’ remedies passed down through generations, and found new ones every day on social media, we have become a patient.

We do not know what future is awaiting us. In 2022 we must keep patient, united, generous, and rational to continue our fight against this tiny and deadly thing. The virus and its mutations, are stronger than we think and will be coming at us after and after again, we must stay strong and learn to live with it.

2022 is also the year that, in France, we choose which Captain will be at the helm of our vessel. He will need to have enough experience and give him/her a crew seaworthy for us to sail the high seas side by side with other countries around the world. Their mission is to heal the wounds in society, rebuild Europe, and most importantly having a new and different relationship with our planet.

Celebrate 2022, the year of the Tiger, with courage and strength, be safe rather than sorry. We must continue to enhance our artistic culture with technical advances, as we have done, even with the pandemic. Art, in all its shapes, is what we need most in these difficult times, it gives one that nice feeling we all strive for.

Happy New Year to one and all from SoundLightUp.


Crédits -

Text by Ludovic Monchat – Visual by Allison Cussigh – Translation by Ted Hall

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