ArKaos Launches VS4 media server at Prolight+Sound 2023

ArKaos, one of the leading real-time live visual technology innovator, launches its new, powerful and flexible VS4 media server at the Prolight+Sound expo in Frankfurt next week.
The impressive ‘industrial strength’ design and build of VS4, complete with custom rock-solid motherboard and a blisteringly fast graphics engine, offers 4 x 4K outputs (or 16 x HD) and runs on Windows 11.

Its sturdy, gnarly, no-nonsense appearance reflects its place in the ArKaos VS next-gen range of creative visual control products – which also includes the VS1 – of which it is the ‘big brother’. The aesthetics have been developed in keeping with the contemporary style of InMusic’s dynamic brand portfolio.
As you would expect from ArKaos, VS4 is a feature-packed, intuitive and fun to use visual tool as well as a cost-efficient 19-inch rack mounting solution for all scenarios requiring full control over a range of media inputs.

Running seamlessly with the latest ArKaos MediaMaster software, VS4 interfaces and works harmoniously with any lighting console, and is targeted at high end television studios, streaming facilities and broadcast scenarios.

With this exceptionally rugged engineering, it is also ideal for hardcore production, touring and rental markets.
Two interface screens enable monitoring, there is full USB connectivity on the front via two robust ports and a Neutrik PowerCON for power.

With up to 16 x HD screens running from one VS4, devices can also be networked together for controlling even more screens. The screens can be remotely locked thanks to EDID compatibility, while the front panel LEDs can be programmed to display different colours to indicate status or assist with fault finding.

The VS4 is constructed to make day-to-day or on-the-road maintenance easy. The backplate opens and the cables can be extended so if a connector needs to be swapped out, the process is straightforward and painless.

LED illumination on the rear allows technicians to see what’s happening in the dark – handy when working onstage, on a set or in any dark corner or recess!
Being a fully modular system, VS4 units can be built up as required by adding input cards. The basic version comes with power and output cards allowing users to tailor precisely to their needs and also utilise their budgets efficiently.

This is a natural progression for the current ArKaos product range following the popularity of VS1 and is a proactive response to market demands and the increase in 4K applications.
The integration of the MediaMaster software platform ensures the smooth, accurate and harmonious control of multiple video and LED pixel inputs from one reliable device.

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