Cameo lights up the Royal Horticultural Society

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is the world’s leading gardening charity and for more than two centuries, has been the passionate force at the heart of horticulture. The RHS inspires millions of people to get involved in gardening, whether that’s through visits to one of the four UK gardens, inspirational flower shows, or seasonal events.

One very popular event in recent years has been the Glow illuminations over the festive period. Illuminate Design, the AV integrator from Witham in Essex, is currently responsible for the lighting of the gardens in Wisley, Hyde Hall and Harlow Carr. In selecting the proper lighting products to illuminate areas up to 150 ha in size, the Illuminate Design team procured more than 500 spotlights from Cameo.

The Cameo QSpot 40i.

The main lighting component for the extensive gardens, with their countless tree and plant species, as well as various buildings, are the 280 Q-Spot 40i outdoor spots with 40 W RGBA LED.
The team led by Illuminate Design Managing Director, Robin Shephard-Blandy, uses the spots to precisely illuminate objects and, when required, highlight them in radiant colors.

The Flat Pro Flood 600 outdoor floods with RGBWA LEDs act as the wide background brush strokes.
More than a hundred Zenit wash lights 30 of Type W600 and 75 of Type W300 deliver even more power and flexibility. Illuminate Designs also found the perfect placement in the gardens for Flat Pro 7 and Flat Pro 12 RGBWA outdoor spotlights.

The Cameo Flat Pro Flood 600.

The Cameo Wash Zenit W600.

“A few years ago, we became aware of Cameo when we were looking for spotlights for fixed installation projects,” explains Robin Shephard-Blandy. “Cameo has always offered us something more than the conventional options. That’s why it was obvious for us to shortlist Cameo when we were again looking for a range of spotlights for temporary installations.

The Cameo range is very extensive and offers us almost everything we need, from the small Qspot 40i to the powerful W600 floods.
We are particularly satisfied with the high light output and uniform color mixing. Spots, floodlights and wash lights are all used both separately and in the DMX network.

The Zenit W300 and W600 also come with the integrated W-DMX transceiver to illuminate small shrubs, art installations and even the huge redwood trees spread over the entire site.“
As a result of its past achievements, the Royal Horticultural Society has now extended the successful collaboration with Illuminate Design by a further three years.

The following products are used in the gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society :

– 280x Cameo Q-Spot 40i RGBA LED outdoor spotlights
– 91x Cameo Flat Pro Flood 600 IP65 outdoor floodlights
– 75x Cameo Zenit W300 LED outdoor wash lights
– 30x Cameo Zenit W600 LED outdoor wash lights
– 24x Cameo Flat Pro 12 RGBWA LED outdoor spotlights
– 24x Cameo Flat Pro 7 RGBWA LED outdoor spotlights

Further information about the RHS and Cameo range of products :

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– The Cameo website
– The Adam Hall website
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