DTS Alchemy 3, a smaller, yet uncompromising version of the Alchemy 5

General view of the compact Alchemy 3, with identical desing and functions than its big brother.

While it is quite common to decline a projector under several models that differentiate themselves through multiple changes in technical specs, DTS decided not to adopt this strategy with the Alchemy 3, a wash moving head comprising a 6-color LED engine coming from the highly praised Alchemy 5. It inherits all of its elder brother’s functions, in terms of effects as well as for its zoom range (14-45 °) or its colors.

The only difference between these two devices, in addition to the overall proportions which are more restricted as a whole, is located at the back of the moving head.
The original Alchemy 5 light source of 400 W goes down here to 280 W, let’s say about two thirds of the power. The same goes for the luminous flux, 10,000 lumens for the Alchemy 5 and 6,600 in this case.

Last bulwark that photons have to cross during their optical crusade, the beautiful Fresnel lens that is found more rarely these days on LED fixtures.

The dimensions of the projector are comparable to those of a 250 W discharge lamp wash light moving head, namely 53 x 33 cm, for a weight of 15 kg. Great strategy from DTS to offer a machine with strictly identical functions! It is already available for delivery.

We interviewed on the Paris JTSE exhibition Olivier Torres, in charge of business development at ESL, french distributor for DTS.

More infos on DTS Website

And here’s the link to the former complete SoundLightUp test of the Achemy 5


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié

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