ETC announces new ArcSystem Navis luminaires & F-Drive power controls

ETC is launching a new commercial LED systems with the announcement of two new product fami-lies designed to work cohesively together. ArcSystem Navis is a line of LED luminaires featuring pristine light as well as a modular design for smooth installations.
For centralized LED power controls, F-Drive is a new system offering an intuitive design with customizable output cards. Together, Navis and F-Drive make one adaptable and robust LED system for any space.

The Navis line of luminaires prioritizes ease of installation, hassle-free maintenance, in-field custom-ization, and beautiful light with high-grade TIR optics and stepless dimming. The fixtures are availa-ble in multiple color temperature options ranging from 2700 K to 5000 K as well as an RGBW color-mixing option.
A 3000 K Fade to Warm variant is also available providing an intimate, warm light at lower intensity levels, often preferred in hospitality environments.

In the field, aesthetic changes can be made in seconds with various magnetic trim plates, clip-in optical accessories, and twist-and-click beam angle lenses.

The recessed Navis 100 offers a small form factor at only 100 mm high with three wind-down clamps catering to ceiling thicknesses from 0.5 to 20 mm.
Any Navis 100 can be transformed into a Surface Cylinder or Pendant solution by sliding it into the purpose-designed hardware accessories.

In addition, an optional wall wash accessory is available, instantly transforming the Navis 100 into a luminaire capable of providing a smooth blanket of light for a wall or corridor application.

F-Drive LED power control

The F-Drive LED power control solution is optimized for seamless use with ArcSystem Navis lumi-naires, as well as third-party fixture applications. F-Drive provides an accessible hub for all the critical components controlling an LED system utilizing familiar category type cable with RJ45 connections. Depending on a facility’s needs, the F-Drive family includes both an R12 rack-mount option and a W1 wall-mount option.

The R12 option features 12 slots for swappable output cards with four channels of power output each. The mix-and-match driver cards are compatible with a variety of LED fixtures, including constant current and constant voltage loads.
The cards are hot-swappable, so changes can be made while maintaining power for the rest of the LED system. F-Drive R12 is compact, using just 3U of rack space, providing power and data support for up to 48 individually controllable Navis 100 luminaires.

The introduction of Navis and F-Drive delivers both elegant luminaires and sophisticated power controls for one comprehensive LED system.

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Or get a hands-on overview of these new solutions during ETC’s live webinar recorded version of the 21st of April available with the link here

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