ETC Introduces High End Systems SolaFrame Studio

ETC is pleased to introduce the SolaFrame Studio automated luminaire, a fanless, convection-cooled fixture that prioritizes high quality features, great spectral output and silent operation.

Audibly invisible and visually impactful, the fixture’s feature set is designed for exquisite projection control and gorgeous color in a compact package.
A good fit for theatres, concert halls, opera houses, film/TV broadcast studios and houses of worship, it uses a 300 watt High CRI Bright White engine to produce 10,000 lumens. The fixture’s convection-cooled engine allows for completely fanless operation.

SolaFrame Studio is packed with features including a high quality 13-lens optic system with patented Lens Defogger, extremely powerful 5.5 – 57° zoom, CMY / CTO-Linear color mixing system, seven position plus open replaceable color wheel, full-curtain framing system for total control of beam shaping, 16-blade iris for tight beam effects, light diffusion with additional, optional heavy diffusion, seven position plus open rotating gobo wheel and linear prism for controlled pattern replication across a stage.

The SolaFrame Studio on the left is much more compact and less heavy than the SolaFrame Theater on the right.

Automated Lighting Product Manager Matt Stoner commented, “The SolaFrame Theatre has been an exceptional fixture for us. Our customers have often requested a smaller version to expand the applications where fanless fixtures can be used. This led to the development of the SolaFrame Studio, with its broad feature set and smaller footprint it improves the silence made famous by the SolaFrame Theatre.”

The animation wheel.

High End Systems Brand Manager Tania Lesage added, “With pioneering technology in moving lights and more recently in LED fixtures, our expertise in fanless technology is unmatched and has been demonstrated in countless installations worldwide.
The unique blend of our years of experience, technical expertise and customer service has come together in the creation of our new fixture SolaFrame Studio, which we are incredibly proud to add to our product portfolio.”

Video presentation

For more information about High End System range of products, check the High End website


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