L-Acoustics Creations unveils its Residential Pro Sound Systems

L-Acoustics Creations, a division of L-Acoustics, is dedicated to making L-Acoustics market-leading professional audio products and technologies available for specification in state-of-the-art private, residential, cultural, and marine AV environments.

As consumer demand for in-home audio and entertainment experiences rises, L-Acoustics Creations addresses that demand with the release of Archipel Sound Systems for the home, offering the impact and dynamics of the live concert experience.

Five L-Acoustics Creations packages are available for pre-order on the newly launched L-Acoustics eStore.

Fiji 2.1 – Work & Play like a Pro. Compact X4i based package for home office or salon.

L-Acoustics FIJI

Hawaii 2.1 – The Superprime Sound Lounge with Powerful X8 based package

L-Acoustics HAWAII

Tahiti 2.1 – Indoor-Outdoor Elegance. Sleek Syva based package for high end home audio listening

L-Acoustics TAHITI

Tonga 2.1 – Music First, Forever and Always. High performance Syva based package with reinforced sub for high performance, high fidelity music or cinema listening

L-Acoustics TONGA

Ibiza 2.0 – Mighty Kara II based package for best DJ audio systems

L-Acoustics IBIZA

Other custom systems are available via a network of residential A/V Integrators currently being developed.

“Consumer focus has shifted to the home, and to high end home audio as artists create an abundance of live streaming content,” explains Nick Fichte, Business Manager at L-Acoustics Creations.

Nick Fichte

“Consequently, interest in the best home sound systems is surging and L-Acoustics Creations is uniquely placed to fulfil the desire to bring the concert home.
We’ve put three decades of professional audio experience into creating turnkey packages that transform musical content into an experience that satisfies the most demanding audiophile.”

L-Acoustics Creations home audio packages can be reserved online now. Visit L-Acoustics creation to learn more.

Also available to the public for the first time, L-Acoustics custom branded merchandise will be available for purchase in the eStore.

Online sales will benefit L-Acoustics Certified Providers and industry partners via a voluntary referral program enabling special discounts for customers.

More information on the L-Acoustics Creation website and the ricing on the eStore L-Acoustics website

Crédits - Text and Photos: L-Acoustics

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