NicLen integrates the Astra Hybrid330 Prolights into their rental offerings!

Dry hire company NicLen is adding the Astra Hybrid330 Prolights to its inventory. This hybrid LED head has rapidly become one of the reference moving head for this German company.

The Astra Hybrid330 is a hybrid LED moving head with an excellent flux/size ratio, producing a wide range of visual effects. Its zoom offers a linear range from 3.5° to 52°, with a 140mm front lens. This combination produces an intense beam and uniform illumination, delivering a flux of 11700 lm (@52°) and surpassing the uniformity of discharge lamp projectors in its class.

The Astra Hybrid330 incorporates a variety of functions: aerial effects with a dense parallel beam and sharp projection textures, pattern effects, linear CMY, three colour wheels, an animation wheel, two superimposed prisms, frost and two gobo wheels.

CEO Jörg Stöppler is thrilled about its superior performance and adaptability, stating, “The combination of high light output, compact size, and versatility convinced us to include the Astra Hybrid330 in our inventory.”


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Text: NicLen

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