Seen from the sky, it is breathtakingly beautiful, majestic, and silent. What if this was the paradise promised to us if we were good? Has a prankster reversed the pages in our book of life?
When in doubt, let’s work twice as hard to be happy and to bring happiness, give a little more than we take and do rather than say, especially in these times when man shines too much by his negative sides.

In paradise we imagine there is always love, nature, and friendship, but also art and thrills of pleasure thinking of everything that happens in our professions to increase the attractiveness of the live shows and the happiness of the spectators. 2024 promises to be full of new developments.
It’s a true constellation of events, technicians, services, technologies, fixtures, places, and innovations that we will talk about and bring to you every day on a silver platter. Wherever you are, on a tour bus or a ski lift, we will be there. Thanks to you and for you.

In 2024 in SLU, the immersive will be in all flavors, from Lompal to the Théâtre du Temps with Gaïa, from Pitto Cha to the Lido. New laser sources will tear the sky apart. The acoustics of the rooms will change with a click. Mériadeck (an Ice Rink housing concerts in Bordeaux) will have multi-diffusion sound. The LED sources will exceed 1,200 W. The speakers will amplify, lengthen, and tame the bass.

`Rivale, Storm4, LTX, and IP65 will chase away water, not Lux. The sound of Vegas will make you dizzy. The Voice of Johnny (Hallyday), The Playback Engineer, Jehenny Beth, CQLP, your talent will shine so brightly. A new dry-hire company from Brittany will arrive on the market and the Olympics will dust off your parks. And all this is just an appetizer of what is being prepared for us in 2024.
So it’s true, you probably won’t be able to read our articles everywhere in the galaxy because we still don’t know if there is life on Mars and/or beyond, on the other hand, we will be omnipresent on the little blue planet and we even have a surprise in store for you very soon. A big one and, as always, it is free.

Happy (and healthy) New Year from the entire SLU team.


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Text: Ludo, Photo: Nasa, Translation: Ted Hall

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