Turn your headphones into a world-class mix room

Dear Reality releases latest monitoring plugin dearVR MIX to turn any professional studio headphones into an ideal stereo mixing environment with a compensation feature, supporting the 44 most used studio headphones and 3 virtual reference stereo mix rooms

– Plugin for headphone mixing suited for all professional studio headphones
– New Spatial Headphone Compensation feature, supporting the 44 most used professional studio headphones
– 3 virtual reference stereo mix rooms with 4 selectable loudspeaker positions
– 6 additional, non-studio listening environments

With dearVR MIX, immersive audio expert Dear Reality is bringing its iconic room virtualization to the stereo world. The dearVR MIX AAX/VST3/AU plugin turns any professional studio headphones into an ideal stereo mixing environment, placing the user in the sweet spot of carefully designed mix rooms – all through spatial audio technology.

Christian Sander, CEO of Dear Reality

With dearVR MIX and the built-in Spatial Headphone Compensation (SHC) feature, audio producers, artists and content creators can ensure that their stereo productions translate reliably to any sound system – regardless of production type or music genre.

Whether you’re in the studio or on the road, dearVR MIX lets you create outstanding sound experiences and assess positions, stereo width, reverb, and low-end frequencies with total reliability, anytime and anywhere.

“When developing dearVR MIX, it was all about creating ultimate virtual acoustic environments for headphone mixing,” says Christian Sander, CEO of Dear Reality. “All the experience we have gained in the field of spatial audio comes together in one stellar plugin. dearVR MIX puts this technology in the hands of everyone.”

One of the rooms where you can recognize Neumann virtual speakers and a number of settings to recreate your * ideal * studio. Be careful not to move them too much …

The plugin offers three world-class reference mix rooms with four selectable mono and stereo loudspeaker positions. Furthermore, each mix room can be adapted to the user’s taste by controlling the amount of diffusion and setting the perfect balance between overall coloration and localization based on the patented Clarity algorithm from Sennheiser AMBEO.

A choice of six emblematic and very different places where music could be played.

dearVR MIX also lets users easily and accurately monitor their production in six non-studio acoustic environments, such as a car or a club – all without leaving the workstation.
Together with dearVR MIX, Dear Reality is also introducing its Spatial Headphone Compensation (SHC) feature to all dearVR virtual monitoring plugins.

Some of the 44 headphones taking advantage of a specific preset.

The unique technology adapts the 44 most used professional studio headphones to the virtual mixing room, enabling a model-independent and stable simulation of a perfect acoustic environment.

“By carefully compensating for the sound characteristics of individual headphones, dearVR MIX ensures the best binaural playback experience with the highest degree of out-of-head localization,” explains Christian Sander.
Each model has been carefully optimized by Dear Reality and expert mastering engineers to create a target frequency curve that perfectly matches the room virtualization.

Dear Reality offers a free 14-day trial at www.dear-reality.com

And you can watch the dearVR MIX video:

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