The Italian brand was able to arouse our curiosity during this PL+S 2024 with the creative Volero Cube with multiple facets: beam, wash, strobe, and pixels and the new proximity fixture for cycloramas Orkis CYC with an old school look which won an innovation award from SLU.

Video presentation by Dylan De Matteo, Sales Support Engineer for Claypaky

ADB Orkis CYC – Innovation award from SLU

SLU is committed to awarding an innovation award to products that present new functions or design details that are decisive during their operation, promoting R&D performance.

The new cyclorama fixture from the ADB Orkis CYC range has a design… which is unlike any other! For my part, I see a subtle mix of old car headlights, wedge-type speakers, and portholes… it sounds vintage. But beneath its retro appearance lies a major innovation by Claypaky.

The new cyclorama fixture series by ADB by Claypaky, l’Orkis CYC.

Let’s continue. The Orkis CYC is a single-source asymmetrical cyclorama-type fixture. Its rather cubic and compact body (29x27x23cm) has only one large lens from which the light emanates.

This round optic in which the structure of the beam resides is unique. When we get closer to it, we imagine through its shapes and lines the work necessary for its development.

Details of the single lens with a unique design.

Behind it hides a COB-type LED source from which six colors emanate, the traditional Red, Green, and Blue but also Cyan, Amber, and Lime.

This combination gives the fixture an extended color palette going hand in hand with a very high CRI (advertised as greater than 97!) which can be controlled as desired in HSV, RGB, CMY, and RAW.

The Orkis CYC user interface: touch screen and direct access potentiometers/knobs.

Management of the dimmer claimed to be “ultra-smooth”, is ensured via four curves depending on the user’s choice. Another nice point, the fixture which is compatible with DMX/RDM, Art-Net, and sACN can be used easily by everybody via a few buttons and potentiometers/knobs present on the Case to send light and color “on the run”.

The great innovation of the Orkis CYC lies in its cooling, designed to make the product as compact as possible but also to minimize possible ventilation noise. Called “Flow”, it is nothing more and nothing less than the first active water cooling system embedded in a show fixture, which, unlike heat pipes, uses an active fluid circuit coupled to a pump to force the cooling of the liquid. and thus increase the efficiency of heat exchange. A Bella Macchina that wins an SLU innovation award!

Claypaky Volero Cube

Created with the aim of modularity and versatility, the Volero Cube is a controlled moving head that can be classified in the category of effects washes. Its trendy robotic look is downright cute and the features it contains are just as cute!

With its square head and four large pixels, the Volero Cube does not go unnoticed!

First, the light source. The square head of the device houses four powerful 60 W RGBW LEDs, which can be controlled independently. These LEDs are focused by four large mobile collimators (each 80 x 80 mm) attached to the same unique zoom module to open and tighten the beam between 4 and 55°.

The space available between these lenses has been filled by four lines of white LEDs whose control can be divided into eight segments. Perfect for creating a second pixelated effect or bursts of strobe.

Concerning the movements, the pan of the Volero Cube has continuous rotation. We are also told that it can be deactivated via the fixtures menu… but why?
We arrive at the third chapter, namely modularity, another strong point of the fixture. Claypaky has integrated a quick junction system to combine several units together, thus creating a cluster or line of concurrent Volero Cubes, hence the usefulness of being able to deactivate the pan.

As an added tip, there are retractable spacer pins, ingeniously hidden in the handles of the base unit. So by using them, you obtain the minimum space necessary to place your fixtures, during a tight setup, without the risk of the slightest shock (or hitting each other) during their pan/tilt choreographies, it’s smart!

To finish this summary of the capabilities of the Volero Cube, the fixture integrates the “Shield Family”, translation: it is IP66! In terms of protocols, DMX/RDM, Art-Net, and sACN are there, and the network connectivity integrates RJ45 input and output.

ADB Orkis CYC and Claypaky Volero Cube were part of the Claypaky show at the Prolight+Sound 2024

For more information www.claypaky.it


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié – video: Allison Cussigh – Translation: Ted Hall

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