The new Strike Bolt 1C is a conventional LED bar-type fixture with a compact size, featuring a simple but professional design, full of ingenuity. First of all, it is IP65 so practical for the outdoors, even more so for maintenance, which is greatly appreciated.

The main view of the new Strike Bolt 1C is that it is equipped with floor stands. © Chauvet

The second major skill is its rigging/hanging abilities. Compatible for assembly with products from the Strike range, it brings with it a new suspension system (assembly without any tools) allowing up to 16 units of Strike Bolt 1C to be stacked vertically. You can thus create a real line array of fixtures, and given the overflowing energy of this little device, watch out for your retinas, sunglasses are highly recommended!

On the source side, the 1C has two rows of RGBA LED segments. Matrixable, the frame of two parallel lines of eight powerful white pixels mainly dedicated to the strobe effect but which can also be controlled independently. Do you follow me? Because this little piece of work never ceases to surprise us!
Another major innovation at Chauvet, its Smart Frost system uses LCD technology to electrically opaque the protective glass of the device. This system, already known in construction, domestic installations, or even more recently in public transport, is beginning to be used in the entertainment lighting sector.

The Bolt 1C’s LCD frost makes the glass completely opaque, the device’s new main feature. © Chauvet

The principle is simple, the protective glass through which the light is output is equipped with a diffusing film covered with liquid crystals which, when an electric current is applied to them, align and make the glass transparent. We therefore obtain a frost effect without moving parts with a very homogeneous rendering here and at the same time, very convincing!
The fixture therefore goes from a very punchy blinder to a soft colored wash fixture via a transition that is as fluid as it is instantaneous.

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Text: Jérôme Boutié – Translation: Ted Hall

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