Women In Lighting, a very successful meeting at Ayrton!

WIL, the first face-to-face (available in replay) meeting sponsored by Ayrton, was packed on Thursday, October 20th.

In March of 2020, during the confinement due to Covid, “Light Collective” noted that women in the field of lighting are almost invisible and hence, decided to change that.
The co-founders, Martin Lupton and Sharon Stammers looked to create a database of interviews with female LDs and technicians from around the world. The project Women In Lighting (WIL) was born.

The objective is simple: highlight women working in lighting promoting their passion, and their work, for them to become an inspiration for future generations.

Bravo to Linnea Ljungmark, who was the spearhead of this partnership!

Ayrton, wanting to help this idea grow, became a partner in this project. Last Thursday was the first face-to-face event of this project sponsored by Ayrton. It was also broadcast live via the Twitch platform.

Linnea Ljungmark, organizer of this event and also the Business Development Manager at Ayrton, is committed to making encounters easier and creating a network. This event also created a place for the exchanging of ideas and personal experiences in lighting.

The four talented guests onstage provided an overview from around the world, from Ukraine to France, from England to Belgium, and also Japan. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff!

Nikolay Berenok and Yamina Kovalevska.

Yanina Kovalevska is from Ukraine, from PRMusik, she spoke of her 18 years of experience in lighting for live events in which she was employed at different workstations and how she launch her company which is now operating in Poland.

(From left to right) Briony Berning, Martin Lupton, and Sharon Stammers.

Briony Berning is from England and works with Ambersphere. She shared her experience, acquired from many projects, mainly in stage lighting, she had worked on.

Akari-Lisa Ishii

Akari-Lisa Ishii is a Japanese lighting designer. She was raised in architectural lighting thanks to her mother and, after her studies in art and design, decided to continue her career in lighting. Today she is CEO of the I.C.O.N agency in Paris.

Cristina Martinez

Cristina Martinez is a senior designer for ACTLD, and also the ambassador for WIL in London. After finishing her studies in Architecture, she trained in lighting design. During her presentation, she emphasized the value of the whole process that she uses in her design.

The live broadcast.

This movement is still quite young, but the tendency is strong. The future of lighting is going to include women, more and more often, thanks to their work for entertainers, and the audiences’ desire to see beautiful and exciting lighting designs. This initiative deserves our applause!

Chris Agius Ferrante, CEO of Ayrton, and Brionny concluded this event with a private demo of the Cobra and the Zonda. What a treat!

The next WIL event will be the exhibition Collected Light from November 14th to the 25th at the SoShiro Gallery in London.

Additional information is available on their website and/or social media.

– womeninlighting.com
– facebook.com/womeninlighting
– instagram.com/womeninlighting

For more information about Ayrton products please visit the le site Ayrton


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Text by Allison Cussigh – Photos: Allison Cussigh, Ayrton/WIL – Video: Ayrton/Women In Lighting – Translation: Ted Hall

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