Ayrton Ghibli: becoming the standard for LED spot/profile fixtures

Launched in 2017 and already available within the same year, the Ghibli made its debut in lighting rigs in early 2018. This very compact moving head, whose 600 W white LED source generates a powerful beam for spot and framing effects, is on its way to becoming one of the standards for this type of fixture.

An ultra-compact fixture

The Ghibli is a fixture designed around a single key word: Compact!

Each component has been designed to create an elegant and compact machine. Every bit of the space gained in the design process has then been well thought out, down to the last detail. Ghibli is quite attractive aesthetically...

The design remains classic, refined and elegant. It appears that Ayrton decided to pay close attention to the design, carefully maintaining the minimum number of visible screws for an impeccable finish. The weight of the unit, 35.6 kg, is well optimized for an LED moving head with this level of power and features.

A very nice beam!

Some of the rental companies with Ghiblis in their stock: Neg Earth (UK), Ampco Flashlight (The Netherlands), V-Production (The Netherlands), Motion Group (Germany), Jäger Group (Germany), PA Line (Germany), YES Rental (Belgium), SVV (Finland), Fluge Eventos (Spain), Gam Eventos (Spain), Impact Evénement (France), Melpomen (France), Novelty (France), Pan Tilt Lighting (France), Scène de Nuit (France), Skynight (France), Stienne Production (France), Sub Impact (France), Ultra Son (France), VLS (France), and more...


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