Alcons CRMS Pro-Ribbon Reference Immerses In Clarity

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8 years after the introduction of the original, Alcons launches the mkII version of its successful CRMS Cinema Reference Monitor System.
The CRMS is a 3-way sound system design to offer the most natural 1:1 Digital Cinema and HD audio sound reproduction possible.
Featuring the patented RBN401 pro-ribbon driver, the CRMS combines a remarkable clarity and intelligibility, with a unusually high headroom SPL. The Alcons pro-ribbon drivers have up to 90% less distortion than any conventional mid/high transducer, while the very high peak power handling offers a 1:16 RMS-to-peak ratio, enabling maximum screen compensations without any audible stress on the MHF performance.

Alcons Audio CRMS

The patented horizontal dispersion of the RBN401 extends the stereo-imaging and depth-of-field to a larger number of seats in the auditorium ; Due to the “ compression-less ” principle of the pro-ribbon transducer, the system has a linear response at any SPL, from the quietest whisper to the loudest explosion or drum solo.
The CRMS system consists of a separate, adjustable mid-high frequency section, featuring one RBN401 4” pro-ribbon driver HF with non-vented 8” mid-range driver and a vented low frequency section with 15” woofer with low power-compression 4” voice-coil design.

A matching surround system with identical MF/HF components, CRMS-SR, is available, offering perfect screen/surround blending, resulting in a very uniform sound stage and a seamless transition between surround positions in an immersive sound system.

Philip “ Dr.Phil ” de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D : “ With the markII version of the CRMS, we were able to fine-tune the system on details to increase the resolution even further; The wider, slanted mid-high top cabinet construction increases the stereo imaging ; The new 8” mid-range driver and 15” woofer significantly increase power handling and reduce power compression. ”
Philip continues : “ As a result of Alcons’ tight manufacturing standards, all system cabinets are within “matched pair” tolerance, on-par with the finest studio monitors. ”

For full system performance, the bi-amped CRMS is to be driven by two channels of ALC Sentinel controller-amplifier, delivering maximum sound quality and utmost operation reliability.
System-dedicated processing presets, SIS™ sensing circuit, 4-channel HiFi-grade amplifier stages, 4-in/4-out 192kHz AES3 signal inputs make the ALC Sentinel the ideal drive for the Alcons CRMS. The 4 ohms system impedance offers maximum amplifier efficiency.

The Signal Integrity Sensing™ (SIS™) pre-wiring ensures complete cable/connector compensation between the CRMS and ALC, significantly increasing response accuracy regardless of cable length and system impedance, with tight and accurate mid and bass response as result (system damping factor of 10.000); SIS™ further reduces linear and non-linear distortion and makes position of the amplifier none critical to ensure best performance.
With a system depth of only 32cm/ 12.6in., a complete system can be installed in even the most shallow spaces. The system can both be free-standing as well as flush-mounted. The recommended CB181sl subwoofer has a depth of only 25cm/10-in.

The combination of the outstanding sound reproduction quality and the digital dynamics capability, make the system the ideal choice for high-end mix/screening rooms, post-production facilities, dubbing stages and quality-conscious Home Cinemas with a room depth less than 20m/60ft.
The CRMS system was installed at Lucasfilm Singapore, NBC Universal Beijing, Factory studios London, a.o. as well as numerous premium home-theatres around the world.

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