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Ayrton brings far-reaching power with the new MagicDot™-XT

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Developed specifically to answer the demands of today’s massive live music, television and entertainment environments, the new Ayrton MagicDot™-XT is an amplified version of the MagicDot™-R much more powerful punch that suits long throw applications.
Optimised for use in large venues, MagicDot™-XT is equipped with Ayrton’s new proprietary 126 mm diameter collimator that distinguishes the ‘XT’ product line.

AYRTON – MagicDot-XT – Hundred and Forty-four Unit Demo from Ayrton on Vimeo.

Weighing in at 550g, this new high-efficiency lens is the world’s largest collimator which, when coupled with an ultra-powerful RGBW emitter, enables MagicDot™-XT to project a 2° beam with centre beam efficiency of 580 candelas per lumen. This output makes it perfect for larger venues.

Ayrton MagicDot-XT

Ayrton MagicDot-XT

MagicDot™-XT sports all same features as MagicDot-™-R, including ultra-rapid movement and continuous, unlimited, rotation on pan and tilt.
The compact footprint permits multiple MagicDot™-XT fixtures to be installed with a minimum amount of space between them, while its ultra-tight, fat beam is impressive over distances and can generate the sharpest of light curtain effects.

MagicDot-XT is cooled by an active phase-change liquid cooling system that employs advanced heat pipe technology.
This ensures MagicDot-XT can be used continuously without significant loss of output.
In addition to standard DMX-RDM connectors, MagicDot™-XT can be controlled via wireless CRMX TiMo RDM from LumenRadio™.

More details and full technical specifications can be downloaded from Website Ayrton


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