Briteq BT-Blinder2 IP, an exemplary LED Blinder

Three BT-Blinder2 IP set up in a cluster thanks to their optional BT-Blinder2 IP Rigging set optionnel

Very likeable piece of kit indeed ! The BT-Blinder2 IP, in my own opinion, stands as what’s the best at the moment on the market as LED FL-1300 blinder type.

Two 130 W warm and amber LED sources emulate perfectly the colour temperature changes according to the dimming curve, and even the inertia of the filament.

You may use it instead of a generic FL1300, no-one will notice. Furthermore, the unit is IP65 waterproof, has a CRI of 95 and, depending on its selected mode, you can control individually each of the sources.

The Sunray 130 R with its interchangeable output lens.

Another very interesting product, perfectly behaving in solo mode, is the BT-Sunray 130R, in a totally waterproof housing, able to generate variable white, with interchangeable lens to give an angle choice of 15°, 40° or 50°, coming with an optional barndoor if needed.

The BTX-Saturn moving head is a LED Spot equipped with a 270 W engine, a zoom range from 8 to 45°, a full color mixing, 2 gobo wheels including a rotating one and a prism, all this is a neat and compact design, as well as being well price-targeted and easy to use, as one could expect from a serious brand like Briteq.
This machine is positioned in an intermediate market, allowing a large number of events service and rental companies to go for real nice Spot moving heads, in a more affordable ranger than most of the so-called Premium models.

Here comes, direct from Youtube, the demo video of BTX-Saturn, directed by Briteq.

Practical and very useful, the Fast Clamp V2 on its Camlock locking base.

Nifty accessory here, the le « Fast Clamp GEN2 » is a quite classic projector clamp, but you can fit it with an Camlock locking base.

This allows technicians to equip any projecteur in a fast hanging way, just by adapting the small Clamp Base GEN2. The thickness of it is a mere few centimeters. It is sold separately.

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Text & photos: Jocelyn Morel. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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