Lumen Radio MoonLite: small is beautiful – and very useful

If you’re used to work with wireless DMX, especially in events or filming, many of you swear by LumenRadio. These typical jet black casings, are extended by an antenna containing the codes of their industrial shell.
Tx transmitters operate with CRMX modules inserted directly into the projectors of many manufacturers, such as Arri, Robe or Ayrton among others, but also with Rx “boxed” receivers. The most recent developments, such as Nova FleX, know how to change mode, alternately transmitter or receiver, and understand the DMX-Ethernet protocols.

The MoonLite, in real size, fits in the palm of a hand. It supports the USITT DMX512 and Bluetooth 5.0 and RF protocols from 2402 to 2480 MHz.

Since May 2019, a new Lumen Radio module is available. Smaller, less expensive and Bluetooth compatible, the TimoTwo announces the next step of wireless DMX HF transmission. Embedded in a wonder of miniaturization, the MoonLite is described as a transmitter / receiver with integrated battery and Bluetooth configuration from the free CRMX Toolbox application.

With your iPhone or Android smartphone, a new era is offered to you, simpler, faster and especially more accurate. At a distance of ten to fifteen meters, the application detects in Bluetooth all MoonLite already turned on, shows them on your phone screen and sort them out by their signal strength and allows them to be identified one by one. Once spotted, just connect them to read their information and possibly change their settings.

Perfectly integrated, the MoonLite can be used in all situations (club, theater, convention, cinema or TV set) in case of DMX needs on battery.

Among these settings, besides the name, you can also access the wireless mode of the MoonLite (transmitter or receiver) and the identifier of the DMX universe used.
With a simple color code, visible on all the LEDs, it becomes clear to see which transmitter communicates with which receivers, and on which channel. Above all, no need for tedious pairing between transmitter and receiver, the reconfigurations will take only a few seconds.
Other settings allow to change the emission level from 0 to 100 mW, 40 mW being the typical level of use for 150 meters range in free field. At maximum level, the battery will wear out faster but the emission distance will be around 300 meters.

The CRMX Toolbox app makes it easy to configure LumenRadio devices.

The MoonLite can be powered directly by its micro-B USB port, for example from a Skypanel on a TV set, or thanks to its internal battery, providing 10 to 12 hours of working time in reception mode, and 8 to 10 hours as a transmitter. Last option, each MoonLite can be protected with a PIN code, to avoid mishandling.

With its clever hardware, this LumenRadio newbie breathes stability. Built to last, it has the same manufacturing quality as other CRMX products, in a reduced format with 2 flexible XLR connectors, male and female 5 points, Velcro type hook and various informative lights.
The antenna is embedded in the black plastic coating, pierced by the single operation button and the status LEDs of charge, emission and mode. Even more stable with its disturbance detection technology, MoonLite also knows how to reduce its radio frequency footprint thanks to its dynamic transmission.

In the near future, LumenRadio plans to develop the CRMX Toolbox app to turn the MoonLite into a multifunctional toolbox. Thus, thanks to an update via Bluetooth, micro-USB or DMX, it will be RDM compatible, ideal for setting remote RDM projectors. Later in the year, a DMX menu will be incorporated to directly test his light kit from his smartphone.

In production, once the certifications CE & amp; FCC obtained, it should be available now at a list price below 400 € excl. VAT.

More information on the Lumen Radio Website.

Crédits - Text and photos: Tristan Szylobryt. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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