French Lighting Hire company Régie Lumière provides High Tech Light Kit

Mika at the Casino de Paris

Mika au casino de Paris

Singer, song writer Mika with a string of English Funk/Pop hits to his name, gave two sold out concerts at the Casino de Paris atthe end of last year. Lighting kit was provided by Regie Lumière a Paris based and long established lighting hire company who suggested Martin’s Mac Viper and the ilumo ZOOM LED Spot from Lumonic.
Lighting Designer Justin Shaw was just astonished and even entranced by the lights.
Do you know ilumo?

For his small tour in France taking in 2000 seat theatres, Mika decided to travel light with his musicians and his tech crew, as well as sound and light controls and scenery. This is a very smart approach getting more and more popular, with several advantages in terms of saving time, reducing transportation, touring cost cut off, and producing very happy local contractors!
France's roads have been very busy with two tour buses, one for the musicians, one for technicians and one equipment container. In addition, the generic sheet of requirements listed 12 Mac 700 (or equivalent), 48 PAR LED (RGBA minimum 5W), 8 Source Four Leko (or equivalent), 4 ACL4 and 2 fog machines.

The Lighting Plan
Small but High Tech and Powerful

BOH Truss with 24 Par ilumos positioned above and below the 6 Viper and 4 ACL4.

BOH Truss: 24 Par ilumos positioned above and below the 6 Viper and ACL4. We see that all PARs have not the same hanging angle horizontally or vertically. Some are pointed on musicians in the middle of the stage.

At FOH, PAR ilumo, 614 SX profiles and Viper

AT FOH we recognize PAR Ilumo, there are 614 SX profiles, and only the Vipers in the center, are part of the Justin Shaw kit. Others are adjusted on another artist.

The GrandMa 2 Full Size, following touring artists.

The GrandMa 2 Full Size, following touring artists.

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