Pan Beam from Pan Acoustics helps Jordan Parliament upgrade

All sound engineers and acousticians know how difficult the intelligibility of public and political speeches can be in town houses, parliament, “all glass and concrete” (or marble!) congress rooms, and many more.
Well, Pan Acoustics from Germany has recently proved he might bring interesting and innovative solutions for the Jordan Parliament in the capital Amman, read it all down below.

Totally integrated and (very) discreet Pan Acoustics system.

In the Parliament the Pan Acoustics integration partner Girhoma combined the Televic conference system with the Pan Beam PB 24’s, due to the requirement of a more speech intelligible slim speakers system.
The big challenge for the engineers of Girhoma was the amphitheatre lay out of the area where a conventional system had proven not be able to cover all seats within a height difference of over 4 meters between the lowest and highest positioned seats.

Pan Acoustics PB24. Any RAL color on demand.

The Pan Beam systems offering the multi beam technology introduced the solution by using 3 beams directed to the different levels.
Another challenge were the very reflective walls creating a confusing sound distribution with high reverberation times. For this situation, the 2.40 meter long PB 24’s were able to get much more control of the these bad acoustics.
After completing the integration with the Televic conference system and fully setting up the Pan Beam systems, the members of the parliament were very happy with the high speech intelligibility all over the conference area, tested during a parliament meeting on December 12, 2018.

Mr. Hanna E. Zannaniri, General Manager of Girohma commented: “we were so happy to finally having found the best solution with the Pan Acoustics, Pan Beam PB 24, making our lives much easier to solve all the difficult acoustical problems we have faced in the Parliament”.

General view of the Jordan Parliament.

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Crédits - Text & photos: Pan Acoustics.

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