At the Paris Zenith - La Villette

Stromae lit up with squares by Paul Chappet

By associating with the biggest French-language album seller of the year for his sold-out tour, Paul Chappet, the lighting designer, left his favourite stomping ground, the clubs, to accompany the bouncy Belgian on a major world tour with customised lighting design.

A nice presence of LEDs on this scene

A nice presence of LEDs on this scene, between the Ayrton MagicPanels assembled as matrices suspended in the air and changing, quite magically with the help of motors, and the Clay Paky Aleda B-Eye on the floor and their crown effects and diode lines, all in a superb white!

And as both the Pauls (a beautiful name also borne by Stromae) have known each other since the artist's first tour, the lighting of which was done by the young lighting designer, they share the Paris Zenith stage with full confidence and complicity, one filling it with his incredible presence and the other dressing it up with beautiful floodlights in their element, appropriate for the show, completely new and electric.

It is a few hours before the dimming of the lights, and we met Paul Chappet and his team backstage in a very warm and committed atmosphere. It was the opportunity to learn a little more about the lighting of the "Racine Carrée" album and a remarkable artist if there ever was one.

Left to right, Nicolas Meyer, Paul Chappet, Boussad Brahimi, Michel Malinge and Clément Laurent

The Lighting team with left to right, Nicolas Meyer, Paul Chappet, Boussad Brahimi, Michel Malinge and Clément Laurent.

From the Trianon to the Zenith, a continuous adventure.

By already having designed the lighting for the previous tour that would clearly showcase Stromae to the general public and having accompanied him earlier on stages of clubs all over the country, Paul Chappet has developed a close relationship with the artist, his teams and his production.

It was therefore only natural for him to put his mark on the lighting design of a new club tour launched last year, which took the duo to the Trianon, among others, and is now performing a more important part in the Zenith, at French festivals, as also at European ones as well as in the United States.






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