Portman introduces the P2 Evo Element. The new luminous “object” proudly displays the DNA of the Polish brand, namely a retrofuturistic design of LED technology and here equipped with new modularity solutions. It is also presented, here in video, by Dominik Zimakowski, CEO of Portman.

The new Portman here in two parts, the Evo Element, along with its E-CONN connector.

Visually, it looks just like half of a P2 Evo, namely three hexagonal sources, each equipped with a 60 W haloLED™ stick emulating a tungsten pencil lamp. Each cell is equipped with color backlighting, still based on RGBW LEDs (12 W per cell).

The fixtures offer DMX control via 6 different modes, RDM compatibility and, the W-DMX option. Note that for the sake of range compatibility, the P2 Evo and Evo Element share the same pixel dimensions, light sources, and basic accessories.

The big news comes from the E-CONN™, an adjustable multidirectional connector designed to connect several Evo Element modules. Each E-CONN connection outlet can have its angle modified over a range of 30°.

The famous E-CONN multidirectional variable angle module is seen in more detail.

We therefore have many design and assembly possibilities previously impossible to obtain with a classic P2 Evo which we obviously could not fold in half!

Vertically, with or without E-CONN, we can stack or suspend up to six Evo Elements (which would therefore amount to three P2 Evos), for a total of just over 30 kg.

Portman reveals to us that this will not be the only new thing of the year and invites us to meet at Prolight+Sound to find out more!

An example of how the Evo Element can be used, along with the S-Tribe at the Portman stand at the ISE 2024.

More information is available on the Portman website


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié – Video: Allison Cussigh – Translation Ted Hall

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