Three LED fixtures join the Cameo catalog, the Evos W7IP wash, the Spot Azor S2, and the Profile Opus SP5+, and two static/traditional fixtures: the S2IP softlight panel and a Pixbar G2 bar presented here on video by Fabrice Dayan, product manager for France.

The W7IP, moving head wash IP65. The areas above the axes of the yoke incorporate two strong handles.

Evos W7IP

The Evos W7IP is an IP65 version of the W7, a moving head wash with 19×40 W RGBW matrixable LEDs and offering a variable zoom from 4.5° to 34°. The look of the device does not go unnoticed with its two imposing yoke “arms” which incorporate solid handles dedicated to the handling of the 25 kg fixture.

Azor S2

Another novelty in the moving head category, the Azor S2, a 300 W led moving head spot, develops 13,000 lumens at 6800K and offers 2 gobo wheels, one of which is rotating, CMY trichromacy assisted by its color wheel, a large zoom of 5 to 50°, iris, frost, focus, prisms, LED frequency variation, W-DMX control, etc.
A very versatile compact fixture with a weight of less than 20 kg.

Opus SP5+

To close the new chapter in the moving light division, we discover the Opus SP5+, a variation of the SP5 still in the catalog but “which lights up more” hence its name.
The reworked LED engine still displays the same power of 500 W but in this case, develops 22,000 lumens against 15,000 for the classic version.
The other functions as well as the dimensions of the device remain identical between the two models.

Moving head spots with the Azor S2 (300 W) on the left and the Opus SP5+ profile-type machine at 22,000 lumens on the right.

The S2IP, “softlight panel” is based on the S4 and is of course IP65.

S2IP LED panel

Another traditional/static fixture, the LED panel S2IP, for the outdoors, has the same characteristics as the S4IP but is half the size.

This “softlight panel” has 272 SMD RGBWW leds grouped in blocks of four and offers a variable white between 1800 and 10000 K, a CRI of 95, and a TLCI of 91 as well as multiple control solutions (DMX/RDM, ArtNet, W-DMX and, sACN) all in an IP65 housing.

Rear view of the X3, the “D” version (6800 K white), with a view of its output in the background.

Série X3

Alongside are two fixtures in a “PAR LED” format which, although a bit different in shape, are dedicated to exhibition lighting that could be described as “powerful” (21,000 lumens), they form a new series named X3.
The D version generates a white at 6800 K thanks to its 31 LEDs of 15 W, the X3 TW offers a variable white between 3200 and 6800 K.

Pixbar IP G2

In terms of LED bars, the Pixbar IP G2 has 16 sources based on RGBW LEDs for the Pixbar 400 IP G2 and RGBWA-UV LEDs in the Pixbar 600 IP G2, of course, IP65. They have many accessories and filters to modulate the beam or offer different solutions for connecting bars and rigging to structures or floor mounts.

The Pixbar IP G2 and its accessories!

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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié – Video: Allison Cussigh – Translation: Ted Hall

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