X-Vision Series by Theatrix: video converters for live applications

The very first presentation in France of the X-Vision range of video converters happened on the SATIS show, kind of equivalent to IBC exhibition, but aimed at Europe’s French speaking AV industry, with a vast majority of French attendees, and some more from Belgium and Switzerland.

A nice collection of smart and compact X-Vision video converters by Theatrixx.

As Erik Guertin, Theatrixx’Sales Representative for Europe, speaks a perfectly fluent French (with a slight Quebec accent though, always a pleasure for French ears !), it was easy for him to fully support his new French sole distributor, Dream Team Services.

This 100 % manufactured in Canada range was actually launched 3 years ago with a great success elsewhere in the world, even winning a Best Debuting Product Award at LDI’2016, but didn’t get any French debut until recently.
Theatrixx, founded in 1999, has been well-known for many years in North America for his own custom designed and manufactured Power Distributors, and distributor for Ayrton, High End Systems, JB Lighting, RGB Link, Analog Way, and more.

Right, convincing Prolight+Sound 2019 visitors: Erik Guertin, Sales Manager for Theatrixx.

Theatrixx Technologies designs custom equipment that offers solutions to the video, lighting, audio, power and cabling challenges.

Their in-house designers have extensive experience and understanding of the specific needs of the event business.
They create innovative devices and systems to meet the highest standards, built to withstand the daily hazards of life on the road and demanding installations. All products meet or exceed UL and CSA standards, and now CE to target the European markets.

The French Satis exhibition, specialized in Broadcast, installation and 360° VR.

Satis in Paris was therefore an important step, before ISE Amsterdam and Prolight+Sound in Francfort, with booths each time bigger and bigger, and attracting a larger number of visitors on each leg of this European campaign, if we may call it that way.

To summarize, the X-Vision range of converters now comprises 13 models since ISE, with several strong points common to all models:

  • Ruggedness and thickness of the chassis plates (6.35 mm !)
  • Hence strong an easy thermal dissipation, with noiseless operation
  • Magnetic plate to stick them up rapidly on a metal rack or elsewhere
  • Extensive LED indicators, showing all types of very useful status of Data and of the box itself
  • Hanging point for hook, and slits for Velcro strop attachment
  • Packed and de livered in strong and compact Nanuk® case

This 12+ converters’ range is split into three Series, each one is clearly identified by a color stripe on top of one face of the unit:

SDI Series Series (each with twin parallel output)

  • SDI > HDMI
  • HDMI > SDI
  • HDMI > SDI, bi-directional
  • SDI Embedder (Audio + HDMI)
  • SDI De-Embedder (Audio + HDMI)
  • SDI 1:4 Distribution amplifier (with re-clocking)
  • SDI Repeater

Fibre Series

  • SDI > Fibre (single or multi-mode fiber)
  • Fibre > SDI (single or multi-mode fiber)

HDBT Series

  • HDMI > HDBT (up to 4k / 2160p)
  • HDBT > HDMI (up to 4k / 2160p)

To end up this general overview, here are the 2019 new models:

  • Distribution amplifier HDMI 1:4 (with re-clocking)
  • Streaming server H264 for live Internet Broadcast (Direct Streaming on the Web)

The in/out mains connectors are waterproof Neutrik type True1, for outdoor use, certainly not for IP65 underwater or thorough extreme conditions, but enough for an several days outdoor festival, sport event, or else…
They still can, thanks to their thick casing and design, undergo certain extreme conditions. For instance, during 2017 World Ski Championship in Norway, some of these nifty but strong boxes stayed on during several days and nights, at negative Celsius temperatures, without any failure (nor sneezing!).

The Motherboard Rack and the “Slide-In” versions of the X-Vision modules for fixed installations.

For permanent installations in OB vans busses or technical rooms, the same housings exist in a slightly slimmer format, with external DC power supply, and slip into a 19″ Motherboard Rack, set in place their place quickly and firmly thanks to magnetic guides and quick connectors, to guarantee signal conversion without any alteration.

The warranty for all modules described above is 5 years, just make sure to register your product at Theatrixx or at your agreed local distributor.

More information on the Theatrixx Website..


Crédits - Text: Bruno P. Souchaud. Photos & video: Allison Cussigh.

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