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Following extensive rounds of beta testing in mobile and installation environments, Adamson has publicly released the Windows version of its ArrayIntelligence software. The new software supports design for any Adamson system and full control and monitoring of CS-Series loudspeakers.

Brock Adamson a couple of years ago on the Adamson booth at PLS.

“ArrayIntelligence supports our vision of loudspeaker systems from initial concept through to deployment and regular monitoring of performance. We were in the design and simulation game since 2006 with Shooter, and then Blueprint AV™ in 2013.

These allowed Adamson-certified designers and engineers to deploy arrays of loudspeakers in different environments properly. ArrayIntelligence converges core Blueprint AV technology with real-time control of our CS Series and future products,” says Adamson CEO Brock Adamson.

The ArrayIntelligence application was designed with professional workflow and ergonomics in mind. The software is logically laid out to move from design & simulation to configuring I/O & routing, through to system control, metering and diagnostics.

The tablet version of AI.

Much of the design and simulation technology from Blueprint AV has been modified to allow for integration of identifiable and controllable endpoints into the workflow.
In addition, ArrayIntelligence allows for easy implementation of multi-layer DSP zoning and grouping, auto-detection of online devices, use of Adamson’s proprietary optimization algorithm to fine-tune line array performance and many other exciting new features. The legacy software Blueprint AV will continue to be supported for system design.

Over the past year, an extensive platform development and beta test program has seen hundreds of deployments created and controlled with ArrayIntelligence. The process has led to a regular beta release schedule to test new functionality.
Post-launch, ArrayIntelligence will see regular releases, as well as the opportunity for users to participate in ongoing beta versions to test new features as they become ready for testing.

Jeremiah Karni

Product Specialist Jeremiah Karni says, “Working with our development team, partners, and customers to test and tweak ArrayIntelligence to what it is today has been an amazing experience.

Previously, the tools available to our users for deploying our rigs after design and simulation were provided by a third party. Now we can support customers in the field at all stages of deployment and regular use of our systems.”

To access ArrayIntelligence, get regular updates and learn about future functionality, please register at this link


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