Adamson VGt: The Future of High-Performance Audio

Jochen Sommer, Director of Operations EMEA.

Adamson is proud to announce VGt, the first cardioid, large-format line-array module, with onboard Class-D amplification, Milan AVB and full DSP, in the Vergence Group; setting a new standard for high-performance audio products with seamless integration.

“VGt represents more than a technological advancement; it’s the next level in sound engineering, designed to deliver unparalleled power and sonic performance.” “VGt isn’t just changing the game, it’s redefining it.”

Innovative Technology Meets Exceptional Design

Brock Adamson, President & CEO.

At the heart of VGt lies our patented mid-range technology, which redefines the capabilities of a line array system. Combined with onboard class-D amplification, redundant and daisy-chainable Milan AVB, and comprehensive DSP, VGt delivers astonishing power and clarity while maintaining a surprisingly compact size and weight.

“Over the years, we have always managed to innovate with designs that lead the field in loudspeaker development, with a focus on mid-range.”

“When I envisioned the M140, the concept was to bring the power of our ground-breaking M200 transducer to a concentric line array enclosure, while improving on the performance. What our team has managed to produce with the VGt outperforms the best that the market has to offer.”

The patent-pending M140 MF compression drivers introduce cutting edge technologies redefining the quality of the mid frequency range. Both the M140 and the 3” HF compression drivers are loaded to critically optimized sound chambers producing a slightly curved wavefront.

The M140 MF driver covers the range from 300 Hz to 4 kHz, just like the soft domes of studio monitors, the best solution for clear voice reproduction.

The horizontal coverage, a pipeline from 150 Hz to 18 kHz.

The LF section contains both direct and directional components to achieve a multi-mode low frequency dispersion pattern. VGt is designed to provide uniform 90° horizontal coverage across its entire frequency range, while outputting an impressive SPL with ultra-low distortion.

Customizable Sound Coverage

Understanding that every venue has unique acoustic challenges, VGt offers variable low-frequency coverage patterns. Users can choose from various cardioid or non-cardioid configurations to tailor sound coverage precisely to their needs.

3 different low-frequency presets.

Efficient Rigging System

A closer look on the Autolock rigging system, as well as the onboard Class-D amplification, intelligent networked DSP endpoint and connections including power, analog audio and redundant network containing Milan digital audio and AES70 control data.

Our Autolock© rigging system allows a single technician to quickly and safely set up an entire system.

This innovation streamlines the process, saving time and labor costs.

A Complete Ecosystem

VGt is more than a standalone product—it’s part of a comprehensive ecosystem. This includes brackets, dollies, accessories, and covers, all designed to work seamlessly with our Array Intelligence software.
This powerful combination enhances design, deployment, control, and monitoring capabilities in both mobile and installation environments.

Optimization Without Compromise

From the start, VGt users will benefit from Adamson’s Optimization feature, ensuring broad-band coverage correction without adding any latency, for an optimal listening experience.
Using the ArrayIntelligence software allows for seamless combination of VGt with CS-Series, while the Adamson Bridge closes the gap to integrate all legacy ground amplified systems.

ArrayIntelligence meets every need in terms of design, monitoring, remote control, tuning, optimization, and much more.

Pieter van Hoogdalem, Business Development Strategist.

“After years of in-house development and testing, the launch of VGt starts a pilot phase with a handful of exclusive partners extensively using the VGt on the road. The first deployments received nothing but positive feedback.”

“Throughout the year we will be organizing live demonstrations to give everyone ample opportunity to experience VGt in action.”

Maximized Efficiency

Four VGt on the new dolly.

The dolly design optimizes truck space and includes a flat-top platform option for additional stacking flexibility, accommodating both 3-high and 4-high dolly configurations. With energy efficient and lightweight electronics in each loudspeaker, rack-space is drastically reduced.

As an example, an array of 18 VGt require 4 rack units, and only 6 power and network homeruns.
In contrast, current rack amplified arrays similar in size, require more than 20 rack units and offer less headroom and control.

As speaker cables are virtually eliminated in VGt there is no speaker cable loss and even long home runs are possible without impacting quality.
By getting rid of most rack space and transporting all space consuming accessories on the dolly, VGt forms the tightest truck pack possible, reducing environmental impact.

Versatile Bracket Solutions

An underhang bracket expands VGt’s functionality, allowing users to fly CS10 under the VGt. It also doubles as a pull-back frame and a secure point for the array during harsh weather conditions.

A glance below the grille reveals one of the 13″ at the front and the 10″ in charge of bass directionality and forward energy addition, both sporting Adamson’s trademark yellow Kevlar cone.

VGt is not just another speaker; it’s a large-format line array enclosure including 8 transducers and 5 amplifier channels that’s been meticulously crafted for use in arenas, stadiums, festivals, performance halls, and more. This groundbreaking product is set to transform the way audiences experience live sound.


  • Frequency Range (+/- 3dB): 50 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Nominal Directivity (-6 dB) H x V: 90° x 6°
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 151 dB
  • LF Component: 2 x ND13-S 13” Kevlar Neodymium Driver
  • Directional Component: 2 x ND10-LM 10” Kevlar Neodymium Driver
  • MF Component: 2 x M140 Kevlar Compression Driver
  • HF Component: 2 x 3” Compression Driver
  • Rigging: Autolock™ Rigging
  • Connection: 2 x etherCON™ – passive continuity when powerless, Analog XLR3 in & thru, powerCON TRUE1 TOP in & thru
  • Height Front (mm / in): 338 / 13.3
  • Height Back (mm / in): 286 / 11.25
  • Width (mm / in): 1306 / 51.4
  • Depth (mm / in): 562 / 22.1
  • Weight (kg / lbs): 85 / 188
  • Colour: Black & White (Standard), RAL Colours (On Demand)
  • Amplification: 5 channel Onboard Class-D, SMPS, 10 kW peak
  • Processing: Onboard, controllable through proprietary software

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