Relentlessly continuing to offer new products in terms of lighting, Cameo has chosen Catalonia at the start of 2024 to unveil a range of new products. We meet up with Fabrice Dayan to guide us through the ranges.

The Opus X4 Profile and its 1400 W LED source

The Opus X4 Profile, the new IP65 flagship of the Cameo range.

Let’s start with the two major new Cameo products, first the Opus X4 Profile, the brand’s new flagship: an IP65 Spot/Profile moving head boosted by a 1,400 W LED source!

Dedicated to long-range applications where the power must be generous, it offers a source almost twice as efficient as the Opus X, housed in a body that, although imposing, does not ultimately take on exaggerated proportions. with a weight of less than 37 kg and will be easily carried/lifted thanks to its handles well integrated into the yoke

Although all its technical data has not yet been revealed, we already know that it houses a motorized framing shutters module, two gobo wheels, two progressive frosts, a 5/55° zoom/focus module, a trichromic CMY+CTO, an animation wheel, an iris, two color wheels… It looks like it will be very complete!

Laser source Oron H2

First steps in the world of laser source fixtures by Cameo with the Oron H2.

Next to it sits the Oron H2, the latest innovation for the brand, bringing it into the still restricted circle of fixtures equipped with a laser source.
The Oron H2 is an IP65 hybrid moving head focused on Beam and Spot whose new white source combined with its different modules makes it possible to obtain an ultra-tight beam with a minimum aperture of 0.6° up to a beam of 32°.

It is equipped with a trichromic CMY along with a linear CTO, two rotating and fixed gobo wheels, as well as 8 effects including prisms, a frost, or multicolor filter.
Its source uses a blue laser at a wavelength of 455 nm so the beam passes through a phosphor wheel thus creating the yellow color, remixed in the lightbox with the initial blue to obtain white, this same principle is used in some video projectors.
Here the rendering of the source would be superior to a 480 W type 20R lamp. Note in passing that the fixture has already obtained its FDA certification, essential for use in the United States.

The Azor W2

In detail, the specificity of the Azor W2, its white LED segments well hidden under black diffusers.

Next comes the Azor W2, a small wash moving head equipped with a LED source with extended colorimetry (RGBL), 7×40 watts that can be controlled pixel by pixel.
It contains a motorized zoom variable between 4 and 50°, thus quickly passing the beam from an honorable aperture to a very tight beam.

As for the little twist of this fixture, it is discreetly hidden on the contour of the output lens. This is where 4 segments of white SMD LEDs can be controlled independently, arranged under 4 diametrically opposed black diffusers which blend perfectly with the bodywork. This effect, which is quite energetic and can also create strobe bursts, is called Eclipse Burst.

The Azor SP2

The new Azor SP2 spot/profile moving head is dedicated to medium-sized venues.

As for moving head Spots, the new Azor SP2 is the first cousin of the S2 and has most of its characteristics, starting with its white LED engine with a power of 300 W, the same 5/50° zoom range, the trichromic CMY (second, and this is new compared to the S2, a variable CTO), a color wheel, the animation wheel, the frost, the prisms, etc.

The major difference lies in the presence of a motorized framing shutter module, thus placing this device in the category of Profiles dedicated to short and medium-range applications.

The only concession is that to fit all of these parameters into a rather compact product, you will have to do without the second (fixed) gobo wheel to free up a little space in the head, it thus keeps its main wheel equipped with rotating and indexable gobos.

The F2 FC

The F2 FC+, new in the conventional range, is a static fixture equipped with a Fresnel lens which, provides easier colorimetric compatibility for users, uses the same LED engine as the P2 FC, in RGB + Amber + Lime, source making it possible to achieve CRI and TLCI values respectively greater than 94 and 93 as well as a variable white between 1800 and 8000 Kelvins.

Otos multi-source wash fixtures

The three wash fixtures are Otos W3, W6, and W12.

Now let’s move outside (well almost) with outdoor fixtures. We first discover the new Otos wash version series with the W3, W6, and W12 models.
These IP65 moving heads are respectively equipped with 7x50W, 12x50W, and 31x50W LEDs as well as one, two, and up to three individually motorized zoom modules nested around each other for the W12.

In more detail, the front of the W12. We easily notice its three independent zoom modules and the aptitude of the LEDs for matrixing.

Behind each collimator there is an independently controllable RGBL LED for a complete matrixing effect. Additional effects are guaranteed thanks to the ring of RGB matrixable LEDs located around the contour of the head, the signature of this series.

Dura Spot for architectural use

Still in the IP range but this time IP67, we are presented with the Dura Spot series available in several static fixtures dedicated to integration and architectural lighting.
These products in “LED PAR” format (impressive for the largest) are available in four versions, between 3 and 20 x 20 W RGBW LEDs, with a tight beam angle of approximately 6° (other lenses, lockable filters, and accessories are available). The products are treated against UV and corrosion and have a 5-year warranty.

The new range of Dura Spot architectural fixtures, only the Dura Spot 60 (the most compact with its 3 LED sources), does not appear in this family photo.

All of these products will soon be available as of spring 2024.

For more information on the Cameo website


Crédits - Text & Photos: Jérôme Boutié – Video: Allison Cussigh – Translation: Ted Hall

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