DeltaLive Ltd. is L-Acoustics Creations International Distributor

P. Keating with C. Heil

To support the commercialisation of L-Acoustics Creations auditoria solutions worldwide, L-Acoustics has designated DeltaLive as International Distributor of the full L-Acoustics Creations product range.

DeltaLive is represented by Paul Keating, Director of Corporate & Private Relationships for L-Acoustics Creations.

“The team at DeltaLive possess a unique technical and regional savoir faire,” explains L-Acoustics CEO, Laurent Vaissié.

Laurent Vassié

“Their proven ability to forge connections with key markets and influencers, their technical expertise in audio visual support and their ability to deploy and demo L-Acoustics Creations solutions makes them the ideal partner for us as we present our market-leading audio products and technologies for specification in state-of-the-art residential, artistic, cultural, and experiential spaces.”

“We are surrounded by immersive technologies and experiences. It’s time for a different approach to home entertainment that transcends traditional high fidelity and cinematic audio formats to offer a more visceral listening experience,” states Founder and President of L-Acoustics, Christian Heil.

“Sound is still poorly understood, and often neglected, in designing a space. We’re here with the technologies and the teams to make listening spectacular again. DeltaLive, as an early adopter of L-ISA technology, and the company tasked with installing the first Island prototypes on L-Acoustics premises around the world and for special events, is a perfect partner to help break new ground.”

The Island Prestige, in an actual living room. credit Cyprian Chojnacki

Paul Keating, Director of Corporate & Private Relationships for L-Acoustics Creations adds, “When DeltaLive became part of the L-Acoustics Group, it was still the early days of L-Acoustics Creations. Recent months have brought clarity and our long-term commercial plan is now focused and defined. Our products and technologies are unique in the marketplace and we have something really special to offer our clients in terms of immersive experiences.

24 audio sources fed by as many amp channels.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for DeltaLive and really supports what we have been doing with L-ISA technology in general. Also, it’s inspiring to be working alongside such an industry visionary as Christian Heil.”

To help bringing the renowned L-Acoustics concert-grade technology to extraordinary sound spaces in private residential, cultural, and marine AV environments, Nick Fichte joins L-Acoustics Creations, completes the existing new business team and positions the division to make headway in key installation markets, leveraging the relationships and knowledge that Nick has forged in his 15-year career in the AV industry.

Nick Fichte

Nick first stepped into the AV industry when he was still a student, applying to work for custom installer, Audio Vision. He was offered the position and boarded a flight to Turkey the following day to assist on technology integration for one of the world’s largest superyachts.
This experience cemented a vocation and led to his career progressing at Audio Vision where he became Store Manager of one of their Bang & Olufsen dealerships. Nick later held sales roles at London-based custom installers Olive Audio Visual and Inspired Dwellings, then, prior to joining L-Acoustics, Crestron.

At Crestron, Nick began as Residential Business Development Manager, working closely with architects, interior designers, and property developers to deliver professional development and solution-based designs. More recently, for the past four years, Nick has acted as Regional Sales Manager, Residential, interfacing as a trusted counterpart with many of the company’s leading dealers in the residential Crestron Residential reseller network.

The Night Edition of the Island Prestige.

Nick expresses, “I am extremely excited to join such a world-renowned professional audio manufacturer to drive growth as we enter the residential and marine AV markets. With unique solutions designed for the most exclusive homes and yachts, this is going to be a great journey.” He adds, “Although confinement and social distancing have impacted our dealings at this time, I welcome the opportunity to connect remotely during the coming weeks and lay the groundwork for doing business together in the future.”

A sneak peek of what’s inside the Island, basically eighteen X8 coaxial speakers, two 18” subs, five LA4X amps and an L-ISA player…

“We are very pleased to have Nick on board,” comments Christian Heil, President and Founder of L-Acoustics. “L-Acoustics Creations brings a new way to experience music and home entertainment to market.
It requires rethinking current approaches which in turn requires close collaboration with integrators and end users. Nick’s proven ability to liaise with key players and stakeholders in the AV industry and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships will be key to our success.”

Nick joins the current dedicated L-Acoustics Creations team, led by L-Acoustics President Christian Heil, and comprised of:

– Paul Keating, Director of Corporate and Private Relationships for L-Acoustics Creations and Managing Director of DeltaLive Ltd., the international distributor for L-Acoustics Creations;
– Julie Blore-Bizot, Director of Brand & Communications, L-Acoustics Creations;
– Kevin Groom, Application Engineer;
– Emma Pettersson, Project Manager.

L-Acoustics Creations is further supported by teams and functions throughout the L-Acoustics organization. L-Acoustics Creations main office and Sound Art Gallery showcasing Island, Ocean, and Bubbles created in the BluSpace4 standard are located in Highgate, London, UK.

The Highgate sound art gallery.

To learn more about L-Acoustics Creations and for team member contact details, please visit the L-Acoustics Creations website
And stay up to date with current events on Instagram @l.acoustics.creations


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