Osram AirZing Pro, the UV-C virus killer tube

Osram launches AirZing Pro tubes, whose UV-C radiation guarantees the destruction of viruses, including Covid-19 with 99% success. A great health opportunity for all closed public places indeed.

The sterilizing action of UV-C radiation (200 nm – 280 nm), particularly around 250 nm wavelength, was discovered at the end of the 19th century, and since 1960 its action on DNA has been confirmed.

When a micro-organism (bacteria or virus) is exposed to a radiation of 253.7 nm, an element of its DNA / RNA (called Thymine) absorbs photons and undergoes a transformation so important that the cell can neither multiply nor survive.

Based on these data, Osram has developed the AirZing Pro tube series, now proposed in two versions, 1.058 m long for the 5030 and 1.363 m for the 5040. They emit UV-C radiation of precisely 253.7 nm, diffuse over 360°. In other words they kill all the viruses and bacteria exposed to their light in an area between 80-150 m2, depending on the room height. Here is a news which unveils clear skies on the horizon.

The drawback is that this radiation is very, very harmful to human beings. All disinfection must be carried out in an empty room. Osram has provided infrared security for this, which ensures a 30-second start-up delay and instantly cuts off the power supply at the slightest break in the IR beam.

Wuhan City already installed more than 1,000 AirZingTM PRO tubes in 38 of its hospitals in March 2020.

There are many places that will benefit from the effects of this device: hospitals, schools, businesses, transports and of course theaters, cinemas, concert halls, clubs, bars, etc.

These tubes are available from your local Osram dealers. Relate to the Osram Website

Crédits - Text & illustrations: Osram

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