Distribution company SIXTY82 Doughty Asia replace Prolyte Asia Pacific

Prolyte Asia Pacific, also known as PAP, is pleased to announce its transition into SIXTY82 Doughty Asia (SDA). The distribution company will maintain its focus on supplying the urgent demand for trussing and staging products or solutions.

Cor van der Sluis, Fokko Smeding, Menze van der Sluis, Jesper van der Sluis, Xavier Drouet, Jerome Brehard, Rainier Smeding

“For the past 15 years we have operated under the name PAP, however, due to recent events in the industry, PAP has decided to take a step forward and start a fresh chapter with new partners,” states Menze van der Sluis, managing director of PAP, and one of the first people employed by Prolyte in its early days.
Van der Sluis played an important part in the development of the company and, with nearly 25 years of experience, has become renowned within the entertainment industry.

Widely known for its products, reliability, and education, along with a focus on safe working practice, customer satisfaction, and service, PAP has been a player in the Asian market for more than 15 years. “These values are essential to our organization and will remain firmly in place now that we have transitioned into SDA.”

Marc Hendriks (CTO, SIXTY82) – Menze van der Sluis (Managing Director, SDA) – Fokko Smeding (CEO, SIXTY82)

To ensure the continuation of this philosophy and to secure the ability to innovate, PAP and Doughty have decided to regroup with SIXTY82, forming SIXTY82 Doughty Asia. “SIXTY82 was the best and only choice for catering to the high standards of the extensive PAP customer base,” confirms van der Sluis.

Spearheaded by the original founders of Prolyte, Fokko Smeding (CEO) and Marc Hendriks (CTO), SIXTY82 is armed with an approach toward product development and is even more focussed on the specific needs of the Asian market.
“To continue to support our customers in the way that we have been doing for so many years now, this was the only possible way forward,” says van der Sluis. Together, these pioneers and visionaries have had leading roles in the development of innovations for trussing and staging that have shaped the entertainment industry as it is known today.

SDA Customers can expect to find the same team of experienced and motivated experts, with an exciting new name and even better trussing, staging and rigging products and solutions. Also worthy of note is the fact that Sixty82 trusses are compatible with products previously supplied by PAP. In line with their existing policies, SDA guarantees full distribution coverage to all APAC countries, delivering products and support unrivalled in quality.
“Our goal is to improve every aspect of our customers’ experience continuously. Expanding our sales network, supporting personnel, and being close to where our customers are is a key initiative towards achieving that,” says SIXTY82’s CEO, Fokko Smeding. “Having the SDA team support us is incredible and ensures that our customers in the APAC region will get the best possible treatment.”

Sixty82 Network is crewing up.

SDA can be contacted at the following address:
Lot 59-1, Jalan 51/205 – The Highway Centre, 46050, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel. +603 7781 3357/3552 – E-mail: [email protected] – Web: www.sixty82-doughty.com

And for more information, visit Sixty82 website


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