L-ISA Technology Adds Console Partnership with Yamaha

As L-ISA technology continues to be adopted by live events like the recent Bon Iver and Mark Knopfler tours, and in permanent installations such as Sydney Coliseum, L-Acoustics is pleased to announce the expansion of console partners, adding Yamaha Professional Audio, who has co-developed an L-ISA DeskLink for their flagship Rivage PM7 and PM10 mixing systems.

“Collaborating with the creative team of experts at Yamaha has resulted in an exceptionally sleek integration of the L-ISA object controls into Rivage mixing workflow. The new DeskLink is a great example of collaborative design,” explains Sherif El Barbari, director of L-ISA Labs.

Sherif El Barbari posing inside the legendary L-ISA auditoria in Marcoussis.

Within the Rivage consoles, for every mono or stereo input channel, a direct control of L-ISA Objects or Groups will be available on the console control surface and touch screens.
The five main L-ISA parameters Pan, Width, Distance, Elevation, Aux send will also be stored for each object in the console Scenes, with dedicated recall scope.

The L-ISA DeskLink provides a seamless workflow on two of the industry’s leading consoles, allowing for immersive hyperreal mixing in a familiar environment, making adoption of L-ISA technology even easier. “It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with the team at L-Acoustics to create a dedicated, deeply integrated and flexible user interface.

As the reputation of Yamaha Rivage PM mixing systems for outstanding sound quality and traditional Yamaha reliability continues to grow, this project will benefit our many joint customers throughout the world.” comments Chris Angell, Yamaha Pro Audio R&D.

The Yamaha Rivage with L-ISA DeskLink will be available this next Spring and on display for hands-on discovery at PL & S in L-Acoustics room Symmetrie 2+3.

More on the L-ISA Immersive website and on the Yamaha website


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