LD Systems launches new TICA Series for the installation market

LD Systems has launched a brand-new product range specifically for the installation market. The TICA Series offers compact solutions for any size project that are flexible, easy to install and packed with features that deliver better sound and control.

LD System TICA Media Players.

The series includes everything from media streaming and mixing preamplifiers to a range of amps with different channel and power outputs. There are also Dante networked audio interfaces, transformers, headphone amplifiers and control interfaces.

LD System TICA Headphone Amplifiers

Installers can build entire systems using workhorse products from the series, or alternatively, the TICA Series can be integrated into an existing installation providing additional connections or zones. They’re small, functional, single purpose products that are accessible and extremely easy to install.

LD System TICA Transformers.

“Our DIO Dante interfaces have expanded our Dante portfolio and we expect that integrators will be keen to try these new products,” explains Gabriel Alonso Calvillo Product Manager, Integrated Systems. The DIO 44 and DIO 22 Dante interfaces feature four-step gain control and 24V phantom power per channel. Additionally, all interfaces have signal indicators and can be daisy-chained together.

LD System TICA Dante Converters.

“With the TICA Series we’re also offering several mini amplifier models with low or high impedance outputs,” says Gabriel. “They feature different input connections and simple third-party control options via GPI or voltage-controlled inputs.”

The AMP 205 is a two-channel mini amplifier that combines its compact size with passive cooling and high efficiency. It’s powered by a 2 x 50W Class-D amplifier, features 4 ohm outputs and has a user-friendly front panel.
The AMP 106 T is a 1-Channel 60W Class-D amplifier that can drive low impedance or 70/100V line loudspeaker systems. Its small form is ideal for installers that are working on projects that have limited space, or where aesthetics are important.

LD System TICA Amplifiers.

The TICA Series has been designed for hospitality, retail, corporate and education applications. All the products are extremely compact, allowing them to slot into any project with ease. You can install them under tables, behind screens and in ceilings, or installers can use the 1U TICA rack tray to put four devices next to each other. The TICA Series gives integrators the ability to build a system that fits the exact project requirements with minimal rack space.

LD System TICA monitoring.


LD System TICA Tech Room.

LD System TICA Conference Room

LD System TICA Restaurant.

“The TICA Series has been designed for both trained professionals and users that don’t necessarily have high levels of technical knowledge. The series is unintimidating as the products are easy to use and don’t have many confusing controls.
TICA isn’t too complex for a consumer, and it doesn’t look too consumer-focused for professional installers,’ Gabriel adds. “It’s a very exciting development for LD Systems, as we can now offer installers a high-quality, convenient and cost-effective solution for a wide range of projects.”

The TICA Series is available now.

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