LD Systems Multi-Room Sound System with ZONE X Matrix Processor in the Feldberghaus

Perched on the summit of the Großer Feldberg in the Hochtaunus region of Hesse, Germany, the Feldberghaus offers visitors a magnificent view of the surrounding Rhine-Main region. In summer 2022, the historic building was reopened with a new concept as a reinterpretation of the original restaurant from 1860.

Today, the Feldberghaus houses a restaurant, a large beer garden, a seminar room, and the registry office with the highest elevation in Hesse. In addition, the premises can be rented as a versatile event location. The multifunctional use of the Feldberghaus also required a new sound system which, in addition to a flexible multi-zone sound system for the indoor and outdoor areas, would also need to be suitable for higher live sound volumes.

In accordance with the complex catalogue of requirements, integrators eCon GmbH & Co. KG relied on the installation loudspeakers of the LD Systems DQOR Series and the ZONE X 1208 D matrix processor.

“The central control element for the audio control of the sound system in the various rooms and areas is the ZONE X 1208 D zone mixer,” explains Moritz Stüve, Managing Director of eCon Eventtechnik, responsible for the planning, execution and programming of the audio system in the Feldberghaus.

“With its hybrid architecture based on a DSP matrix, the ZONE X 1208 D enables flexible routing options via presets, and automatable switching processes. For control, our customer uses an Apple iPad with the corresponding App for easy control of the audio zones. In addition, thanks to remote control, we can access the zone mixer at any time via the house network using the internet connection from our offices if changes are required.” Moritz Stüve, Managing Director of eCon Eventtechnik

Sound in zones

As the heart of the sound system, the ZONE X 1208 D controls the four zones: terrace, bar, studio, and guest hall.

To minimise power losses on the long cable runs, the chosen DQOR 5T 5” 2-way loudspeakers (passive) are equipped with low-distortion transformers for 70V/100V systems.

Bass support and amplification are provided by the 10” CURV 500 I SUB installation subwoofers, which are mounted high above the guests’ heads with flat wall brackets.

Sufficient power reserves for the total of 28 DQOR 5T units are provided by the two IPA 424 T installation power amplifiers, and the CURV iAMP installation power amplifier for the two CURV 500 I SUB.

For the bar area, eCon relied on DQOR 8T 8” 2-way installation loudspeakers, which, in combination with the IMA 60 installation mixer amplifier in a compact 9.5” cabinet, are designed for both dignified bar operation and party events with higher level requirements.

To even better meet customer requirements for higher sound levels for live events, eCON also opted for two LD Systems MAUI 11 G2 column PA systems. These portable PA systems can be easily connected to the house system and provide powerful sound support in any room as required.

Control via iPad

In daily operation, the Feldberghaus uses an iPad for uncomplicated control of the entire sound system. Due to the wall work already completed during the renovation process, it was not possible to pull any cables afterwards, so eCon set up a standalone W-LAN connection for wireless access to the ZONE X 1208 D.

Safety first

The historic Feldberghaus has an open roof construction made of natural wood, which is why the fire protection devices are of particular importance. In the event of a fire alarm, it must be ensured at all times that the public address system is immediately muted. Thanks to the eight GPI (or even GPIO) logic ports in the ZONE X 1208 D for automated and prioritised switching operations, eCon can easily meet this requirement.

The following LD Systems products are used in the Feldberghaus:

– 01 x LD Systems Zone X 1208 D – DSP matrix with hybrid architecture
– 28 x LD Systems DQOR 5 T B – 5″ ” indoor/outdoor 2-way installation loudspeaker passive 16 Ohm, 70/100 V
– 03 x LD Systems DQOR 8 – 8″ indoor/outdoor 2-way installation speaker passive 8 Ohm
– 02 x LD Systems CURV 500 I SUB – 10” installation subwoofer
– 01 x LD Systems CURV 500 I AMP – installation power amplifier
– 02 x LD Systems 4-channel DSP installation power amplifier
– 01 x LD Systems IMA 60 – installation mixer amplifier
– 02 x LD Systems MAUI 11 G2 – column PA system

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