New Chamsys MQ70 console


First contact with the MagicQ MQ70

We join Ugo Knaff on the Sonoss (Chamsys distributor in France) stand at Paris’ JTSE exhibition. He presents the very recent MQ70, a compact and easily transportable DMX console.

Ugo Knaff: “One of the main criteria for this console’s specs was to be able to maintain the ease of transport that we had with the MQ60, an aspect that has succeeded in convincing many customers. ” We are talking more specifically about being able to take this desk with you on an airplane as cabin luggage.
The result is a control surface of restricted proportions, just like the MQ60 (or even more, its thickness having been reduced). But this is where the analogies stop, we quickly notice that we are in the presence of a much more modern device!


One of the new features of this console, the backlit fader slides.

For the hardware part, the tilt of the console is now modifiable in order to improve the working position, the restitution area now benefits from backlit faders (but whose color is not modifiable – option which will be reserved for future higher end consoles).

The computing part inside this new device, much faster than its predecessor, brings an instant response to the user. It also allows the management of 24 DMX universes, a number that may even reach up to 48 in the future. The rear panel now has an audio in/out port, a MIDI in/out port and an LTC connector.


The rear face is fully equipped, there is also the sliding foot adjusting the inclination of the desk.

Complementary detail, the console has its own internal Wi-Fi network (without external antenna) to be controlled wirelessly via a remote device. Finally, Chamsys engineers have integrated an inverter in order to avoid any unexpected power cut (autonomy of 10/15 minutes).
The physical buttons to select the playbacks have disappeared in order to be able to offer a larger multi touch screen, enlarged from 7 to 10 inches. Same goes for its resolution, which has been improved from 800 x 600 pixels to full HD.

All these elements are crammed into a console that displays only 7 kg on the scale, great performance! The first deliveries of the MagicQ MQ70 will begin in January.
A final word to announce the imminent arrival of the MQ50, future replacement of the MQ40 which will be a “light” version of the MQ70, without backlighting, with 6 universes instead of 24 and no inverter.

Main technical specifications

Supports 24 DMX universes (extensible to 48)
Multi touch display 10-inch touchscreen
HDMI port for external screen (tactile screen supported)
4 physical DMX outputs via 5-pin XLR, with RDM support
12 faders and 8 encoders
3 network ports
Integrated Wi-Fi without antenna
5 USB ports
Audio and MIDI in/out ports
LTC Time code input
Integrated inverter
Dimensions : 52 x 35 cm (length and width) – 6 cm for the thickest part
Weight : 7 kg

More info on the Chamsys Website


Crédits - Text & photos : Jérôme Boutié

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