RCF Celebrates 75 Years of Authentic Performance Sound

For 75 years, RCF has pushed the boundaries of audio innovation. Founded in 1949 by a group of passionate engineers, RCF’s heritage is rooted in a relentless pursuit of superior sound quality and technological advancement.

RCF’s fully integrated approach leads the way in the professional audio industry today. With R&D, manufacturing, and distribution all under one roof in Reggio Emilia, Italy, RCF can rapidly turn ideas into market-ready solutions. This vertical integration model gives an unparalleled competitive edge in quality, reliability, and value.

RCF the transducers factory back in the seventies.

Part of the transducers assembly line today. Rest assured, the ladies’s magic hands are still on duty for the pro line.

RCF’s versatile product portfolio includes everything from installation-grade speaker systems to portable PA solutions and large-scale line array technologies. Flagship offerings like the new TT+ Audio GTX series redefine the standards for clarity, control, and setup speed in demanding touring and fixed install environments.

RCF’s huge new logistics center.

Beyond products, RCF provides full-cycle support capabilities to integrators, engineers, and end users. The in-house acoustics team, RCF ESG, assists with complex design projects, while the Audio Academy shares applied knowledge with the global pro audio community.

Arturo Vicari, RCF CEO.

“I am proud to lead a company with such a rich heritage and bright future. There is no way I can’t be filled with pride for what we have achieved together as RCF over these past years and all that is still to come” comments Arturo Vicari, CEO.

The solid technical expertise, built on 75 years of history, its modern manufacturing facility, and its continuous technological improvement make RCF a fundamental reference for all audio professionals and enthusiasts. RCF distributes products directly in the United States, France, Germany, Benelux, Spain, and the United Kingdom, plus a network of over 120 trusted professional distributors throughout the rest of the world.

Italian pop rock star Ligabue at his 2023 summer concert at Rome’s Olympic Stadium thanks to the new TT+ Audio GTX series.


1949 – RCF is established in Reggio Emilia, focusing on advanced ribbon microphone designs and innovative transducers, soon to become a reference for international speaker manufacturers.
1955 – RCF starts building an extensive range of Commercial audio products for airports, railway stations, hotels, hospitals, schools and public places.

1970 – RCF becomes famous for its line of Hi-Fi speakers, followed by a line of Car Stereo products.

1996 – RCF enters into professional audio, creating ART 300-A, one of the very first two-way amplified portable speakers to be launched in the worldwide market with extraordinary success.

1998 – RCF is acquired by an International Group and remains part of that Group until the end of 2003.

2004 – The company is acquired by a group of shareholders historically linked to RCF, opening a new era of growth.

2006 – The professional offer of products grows quickly with solutions for the Install market and the Touring and Theatre applications creating the RCF TT+ line.

2010 – RCF Audio Academy project begins. A dedicated Educational section is organized in RCF premises with the aim of providing education in acoustics and audio subjects to students and professionals.

2012 – RCF launches HDL 20-A, a line array in a composite material that quickly became the single most-sold product in RCF’s history.

2015 – RCF enters the digital mixing console market developing M 18, an innovative Wi-Fi mixer for musicians and professionals.

2016 – Launch of the HDL 50-A, a very successful large format Line Array.

2017 – New forefront automated production line. Introduction of the FiRPHASE 0° phase processing in all RCF active speakers.

2018 – Launch of the EVOX JMIX8, an active two-way array music system with a powerful remote controllable eight-channel Digital Mixer.

2019 – RCF celebrated its 70th birthday in spectacular fashion with “A Night in Laguna” at the famous old Venice Arsenal.

2021 – ART 9 series delivers a stunning breakthrough in audio performance with new RCF technologies such as FiRPHASE, Bass Motion Control, True Resistive Waveguide, and M-Brace.

2022 – The revolutionary XPS 16K DSP Amplifier paves the way for an extended range of high-class externally powered systems and power-agnostic RDNet management

2022 – RCF Arena opens. Equipped with more than 400 RCF TT+ speakers and approximately 2 Megawatts of sound power, it serves a 103,000-person audience with optimal acoustic clarity.

2023 – The new TT+ Audio brand embodies Italian expertise and creativity for the most challenging audio applications to set a new benchmark for professional audio systems.

To find out more about RCF and their presence at NAMM and ISE, visit the RCF website


Crédits - Text: RCF - Photos: RCF, SLU

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