TAF Names XLR as Distributor for Benelux and France

TAF is happy to announce that XLR is its new distributor for Benelux and France. XLR is a highly respected and experienced A/V company based in Brussels, Belgium. Established in 2013, XLR specializes in the distribution and installation of audiovisual equipment for live events and custom projects, together with the provision of consultations and training sessions for a wide range of A/V topics, products and techniques. Technical service and repairs are carried out in-house as well.

Pieter Van De Vlede, Lighting Brand Manager at XLR.

“We look forward to offering the complete range of TAF truss, support structures and accessories for customers in Benelux and France.
To ensure we provide the fastest possible deliveries, we will consistently keep a full stock of selected truss – 48x3mm Tubes (PTH31), 50x2mm Ladder Truss (PT32), 50x2mm Triangular truss (PT33), and 48x3mm Square Truss (PTH34).

We also offer a painting-on-demand service right here in Brussels, further eliminating any bottlenecks”, said Pieter Van De Vlede, Lighting Brand Manager at XLR.

As XLR is a small, family-based company, it ensures quick turnarounds and has a high priority on tailored service for its customers. “Both TAF and XLR, as well as myself, are naturally proactive. We not only listen to customer requests and demands for truss, but act quickly and efficiently to meet them. In the end, we want to make sure our customers will have the truss the need, when they need it. Deadlines wait for no one”, concluded Van De Vlede.
At the start of their cooperation, TAF sat down with Van De Vlede to learn more about him, XLR, the truss market in his region, and the value XLR will provide customers in Benelux and France going forward. You can read the full interview here.

Visit the XLR website at xlrpro.eu

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