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ETC introduces the High End Systems Hyperstar, a new companion to the Lonestar automated luminaire. Powerful and compact moving light Hyperstar is optimized for projection versatility, Hyperstar will help lighting designers create beautiful designs for a wide variety of venues.

Hyperstar is the same size as Lonestar, and is just as bright, compact, and affordable.
The new Hyperstar has been optimised for versatility in projection, enabling you to create a wide range of lighting designs for a whole range of shows thanks to its luminous flux of over 15,000 lumens from a 290 W white LED source.

Son faible poids de 21 kg et ses dimensions compactes sont des atouts en toutes situations.

While the Lonestar has already made a name for itself for its projection capabilities and cutting quality, the Hyperstar, which is just as compact and bright, is even more affordable and does away with the profile module to incorporate even more effects possibilities instead.
With 9 rotating gobos, 11 fixed gobos, an animation wheel, a double frost and a double prism, lighting designers have an almost infinite choice of volumetric effects and gobo projections for unique textures and morphings.

Une température de couleur réglable de 1800 à 7000 K par le CTO progressif.

By superimposing the projector’s various effects, users have access to a huge range of possibilities, thanks to its extensive zoom range (3.5° – 55°) and its colour capabilities, which combine linear CMY and CTO trichromacy with a colour wheel.

To learn more about Hyperstar, look at this video

Tania Lesage, Market Manager at ETC, describes the Hyperstar system in the following terms: “This is a projector designed for shows of all types and sizes. With its power, innumerable effects and colour capabilities, the Hyperstar demonstrates ETC’s commitment to unrivalled professional quality and service, all in an affordable format and price range”.

Le binôme Spot Hyperstar (à gauche) et Profile Lonestar, de même format, même flux et même système colorimétrique.

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