The RCF install subs S 12 and S 10 start to ship

The SUB S Series includes high-power subwoofers suitable where the installation requires an ultra- compact enclosure for 10” and 12” drivers. Extending the frequency response below 40Hz, this highly efficient design is capable of providing output levels normally associated with considerably larger cabinets.
A particularly well-suited matching subwoofer in high-quality multimedia applications and music playback for clubs, bars and cafes, theatres, and corporate applications.

The RCF S 12

Le S 12.

La réponse brute du S 12. Si vous avez besoin de pression entre 40 et 200 Hz, vous serez servis !

S 12 is a high-power, compact sub ideal for installations where the physically small size and impact of a 12” driver are desired.

Extending the frequency response below 40 Hz, this 400W AES sub produces a SPL Max of 125 dB. The low-frequency transducer is a 12” woofer with a 2.5” voice coil.

Le S 12 sans sa grille avant.

Its design is the result of the latest refinements in compact subwoofer production, resulting in a fast and controlled reproduction of the bass frequency range.
The cabinet is made of high quality plywood and the steel front grille is doubled with a protective clothing.
An M20 standard pole mount is present in the top section of the cabinet. In and out is possible thanks to a 4 poles parallel Euroblock connector.

The RCF S 10

The S 10 is the smaller S 12 sibling and retains most of its numbers and all the features in an even smaller cabinet. The lower frequency is 50 Hz and the power handling still 400W AES, offering 124 dB of SPL Max.

Le S 10 avec sa charge bass reflex et son 10”. La bobine est la même que celle qui équipe le modèle supérieur, une 2,5” d’où des performances très proches.

Music helps engagement and will improve the hospitality of your environment.
The RCF Sub S Series is designed for optimal background performance preserving the same quality even in high powered foreground music.
Your audience will enjoy an engaging, immersive musical experience.

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Crédits - Text: RCF & Ludovic Monchat - Photos: RCF

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