Tutorial: Clay Paky HY B-Eye K25 cleaning maintenance

The HY B-Eye is a new version of the B-Eye, an updated fixture, with a light flow thats been doubled and a flawless color uniformity. The K25 uses 40W Osram RGBW leds (used at 30W), compared to 15W for a B-Eye K10/K20, and its white is at 6000K.

With its 35 cm wafer equipped with 37 LED sources and lenses, this projector requires special maintenance that Anthony Chevallier, After Sales Technician at Dimatec, presents to us step by step in this tutorial.
The 35cm disc with its 37 LED sources and as many lenses require a specific type of cleaning that Anthony Chevallier, customer services technician at Dimatec France, shows in detail in the following tutorial.

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Text and video by Allison Cussigh – Translation Ted Hall

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