Called Buddylight, the new Claypaky system for automated tracking is dedicated to small and medium-sized applications such as modern music venues, theaters, places of worship, conference rooms, etc. Compatible with several ranges of Claypaky products, it is intended to be easy to install and use, in particular thanks to its configuration interface accessible via WIFI.

It uses the technology of tags (small boxes) equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes transmitting data by radio (UWB for UltraWideBand) and which must be worn at waist level by the potential pursuers. The wearer is equipped with a tag on the front or even another on the back, and can thus move independently in a space of 15x15m maximum.

The new interface for Buddylight servo tracking, on the left, is the central unit, on the right, one of the tags that can be used as a target or as a stage beacon.

Putting it into practice also requires placing at the four corners of the stage, four times two (so eight if you are following!) other tags identical to those worn by the speakers (they can be configured in target mode or zone delimitation mode). The physical base of the device, compact and very light, will be easy to hang on a lighting rig or structure.

The system uses the ArtNet network to communicate unidirectionally with the controlled fixtures and possibly the consoles which can access several of the software parameters. Finally, the tags are equipped with a few buttons allowing their wearer to intervene on the current light state if necessary. These switches can be programmed to have access to several different functions.
By adding several control bases and tags, The Buddylight will track up to 8 people simultaneously.

Video presentation of the Buddylight and the HY B-Eye 15 Aqua by Alessandro Melegaro, Digital Product Manager Claypaky

HY B-Eye 15 Aqua

The new wash fixture from the K range is waterproof, hence it is called “Aqua”.

Also unveiled for the first time in Europe since its recent launch in the USA, the HY B-Eye 15 Aqua, wash moving head with effects, is a perfect revisit of its counterpart but with an IP66 rating.

For the sake of uniformity, it has the same optical characteristics as the classic K15, 19 40 W RGBW LEDs as well as a 4° – 60° zoom and the famous system of rotating collimators for the Kaleidoscope effect, a specific brand of the range.

Although now equipped with a casing that acts as a barrier to intrusive elements, the K15 Aqua has gained only a little weight, boasting of weighing only a few kilograms more than the non-IP version.

The manufacturer has taken care to optimize the management of the pan and tilt motors of this new wash so that its movements are identical to its big sister in terms of time and inertia.

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Crédits - Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié – Video: Allison Cussigh

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