Denmark’s SGM, a leading specialist in architectural lighting fixtures, has unveiled a sneak preview of a compact, long-throw wash fixture that satisfies the most demanding technical requirements. Bruno Souchaud, the SGM sales manager in France for the architectural range, tells us about some of its features.

Designed for long-range use, the I-3 Wash POI (from the I – for “Intensive” – family) is equipped with a collimation system for each of the 93 individual coloured R-G-B-W diodes. There are no multi-chips here, and you can see this directly when the device is turned towards you. But this choice, which may seem anachronistic and baffling at first glance, is the fruit of a great deal of technical consideration.

Firstly, it turns out that where a long throw is required, this solution optimises the optical shaping of the beam while retaining the power and uniformity of the colourimetry. The appearance of the source is irrelevant because, remember, this fixture is dedicated to architectural lighting.
Another point is that the efficiency of the I-3 POI in shades of white is much greater as a result of this technical choice. SGM’s philosophy is to offer a fixture that is ultra-efficient in white but that can also do colour. The opposite approach would lead us to opt for the P3.

The I-3 Wash POI prototype debuted at the exhibition.

With its 11,000 lumen output housed in an IP66-rated unit measuring less than 30 cm in length, the I-3 is designed to offer a maximum of technology to its future users in a compact package that is well protected from the elements.

For example, it incorporates SGM’s patented DryTech active dehumidification system, as well as a dynamic power supply allocation function for the LEDs, to deliver precisely the right current required for optimum operation of the light engine, and thus provide equally precise control of the colour balance.

A close-up of the LED array. Each colour is collimated separately and carefully positioned to produce highly uniform projected lighting.

SGM offers a wide range of options, including a choice of collimating lenses depending on the user’s required divergence angle, from 8.5° to 60° (with an additional filter), as well as 10×60° and 12×39° elliptical and asymmetric fields.

Customers can also choose the colour temperature of the on-board white LEDs on request. They are available in cool white, warm white or even amber.

The fixture can be controlled natively using standard DMX, but can also be equipped (again as an option) with ArtNet & sACN or, if wireless is required, CRMX, as well as Airglow, Lumen Radio’s new ‘architectural’ standard (with range optimisation, direct Bluetooth control, signal repetition, etc.).

Presented here as an advanced prototype and therefore a preview, its official launch is scheduled for March. As we don’t yet have pricing details, we’re told that the cost of owning it will be in the same ballpark as that of the P3.

More information can be found on the SGM website



Crédits - Text & Photos: Jérôme Boutié – Vidéo : Allison Cussigh

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