Semi-transparent LED control panel

Ayrton Intellipix-R, enter the matrix !

Launched at LDI 2013, Intellipix is a semi-transparent panel accommodating 25 LED RGBW 15 W sources linked to a new collimator, which will be available across the entire “RADICAL” range from this French manufacturer.

An exclusively orientated effect, with its 25 narrow beams and profile spots to create relief in space. The intellipix acts as a link between the light and the video, which will allow designers to give free rein to their imaginations. Just like the toy Meccano, the system of panels allows an infinite range of possibilities at set-up level.

Intellipix-R, Radically Yours

Intellipix-R, Radically Yours

So-called 33

It is Yvan Peard, managing director of Ayrton who told us the story of the origin of his project bearing the number A 33 even though the last one was numbered A 98.

Intellipix is a project conceived in 2007, the objective of which being the creation of colour graphic and volumetric effects, whilst maintaining the greatest transparency with two essential criteria, such as the correct mixing of LED source colours and a sufficiently narrow beam to obtain the most accurate volume definition possible. Project A33 began with a collection of Moduled, but the monochip LEDs and the collimators did not allow for the desired results to be achieved.

It would mean waiting 6 years to be able to combine LEDs and optics capable of satisfying Ayrton’s quality requirements. The last link was discovered in May 2013 on a desk of their optician partner: A 67mm collimator, permitting a narrow beam with an angle less than 5°, whilst multiplying the intensity in the axis by three.

From shadow to light





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