A little teasing for SGM at PL+S 2019: innovative Led Sky Tracer

Beautiful SGM stand decoration.

Around the imposing LED-based decor, futuristic looking indeed, proudly standing in the center of the SGM stand, several projectors shake and dance. One of them instantly draws our attention as its enormous parabolic reflector does not go unnoticed. It is a moving head comprising an optical system totally new for this brand.

Overview of the future SGM product and its very narrow beam.

We could grab very little information about this brand new device, at least for a good reason, as the model exhibited was a prototype and will apparently be subject to significant modifications before being put on the market, and whose G7 Beam reference could well be changed.

First and invariable element, the type of device, related to the category of effects projectors (a SGM first since 2012), combining two light sources.

Close-up view of the optics combining a large stick of light with a powerful effect of strobe and blinder.

One generates a thick beam with sharp outline and around 2.5° angle, the other is in the center of the light output and is dedicated to the creation of overpowered strobe or blinder effects. “The latter system is patented,” says Ben Díaz, Sales Manager at SGM . ”

This source blinder / strobe source, coupled with its cooling system, allows an impressive 50 000 lumens light output.
We also learned that the LED sources dedicated to the Beam part, as well as the other effects part, will all be matrix controllable.

A neat design with many handles for easy handling.

In continuity with the other products of the range developed since three years, this fixture will be available in two versions:
the “classic” in the Entertainment category for current applications (touring, rental), and the “POI” (stands for « Permanent Outdoor Installation ») aimed at architectural lighting proudly boasting its IP66 feature.

The development of this unprecedented effects moving head should be completed anytime, we’ll then give you a complete report, with definitive name and reference.

More info on the SGM Website.


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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