A new breed of point source speakers from d&b audiotechnik

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The demands for a high performance point source have always been the same: reliable, lightweight and compact, and with a wide range of rigging options for maximum flexibility. The V7P and V10P from d&b audiotechnik are a new breed of speaker offering all this and more, including the d&b hallmark constant directivity control down to low frequencies.

d&b dévoile les V7P et V10P

d&b dévoile les V7P et V10P

Building on the 3-way passive design of the well known d&b V-Series line array modules, the V7P and V10P point sources house two 10” drivers in a dipolar arrangement with a rear mounted 8” MF driver attached to a dual chamber horn. The exits from this horn design create another dipole around the centrally mounted single 1.4” exit compression driver with a constant directivity horn. This maximises the performance to size ratio, by making almost the entire baffle board radiate.

d&b dévoile les V7P et V10P

The V7P and V10P deliver 75° x 40° and 110° x 40° (h x v) dispersion characteristics respectively. All components are arranged symmetrically around the centre axis of the cabinet to produce a perfectly symmetrical dispersion pattern.

Due to the dipolar arrangement of the LF drivers, a broadband, horizontal dispersion control is maintained down to approximately 350 Hz. The rotatable horn and wide range of rigging options make mounting in either orientation simple.

The bass-reflex design of the V7P and V10P utilizes an advanced LF venting arrangement that delivers an impressive extended LF performance. The frequency response extends from 59 Hz to 18 kHz offering flexibility as a stand alone solution.

d&b V-GSUB

The new V-GSUB is the ideal companion to the V7P and V10P for ground stacked applications.
This high performance cardioid subwoofer requires only one amplifier channel and shares the same acoustical performance, cabinet design and driver arrangement as the V-SUB :
An 18” driver in a bass reflex design facing towards the front and a 12” driver in a two chamber bandpass system radiating towards the rear.

The cardioid dispersion pattern resulting from this driver arrangement rejects energy towards the rear and reduces the excitation of the reverberant field at low frequencies. The V-GSUB is fitted with runners and stacking recesses to prevent unwanted movement when stacked with V7P or V10P cabinets.

The Vi7P, Vi10P and Vi-GSUB are installation versions of these versatile new speakers, offering visually discreet cabinet design and installation specific rigging systems. Special Colour (SC) and Weather Resistant (WR) finishes ensure they fit seamlessly in any permanently integrated application.

Product Manager Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer commented : “These point source speakers are an ideal alternative to smaller line array setups, especially considering their lightweight design and wide range of rigging options. The V7P and V10P use an advanced hornloaded mid range section, which provides a remarkable MF sensitivity.
This exceptional MF performance, particularly in the vocal range, is where these compact V-Series cabinets excel. This endless vocal headroom makes them perfect for applications which demand high sound pressure levels with full bandwidth capabilities from a single box solution. ”

More information : www.dbaudio.com/

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